Satsang with Swami Dhyan Giten in Stockholm: Life Is One

Giten, foto, gul tröja, sittande på gren



The fragrance of Satsang with Giten on Thursday evenings in Stockholm is spreading, and people are coming to the Satsang in mysterious ways. 
It feels like Existence has already taken over the Satsang with Giten. It feels like the method for Satsang is to move out of your own way, to say “yes” and to flow with what happens. 

Marie Soderberg, a psychotherapist and a participant in Satsang with Giten, commented: “Good that existence has taken over – if it has not done that from the beginning.”
During the fourth Satsang with Giten in Stockholm on Thursday, October, 10, Giten lectured about the fourth step of Vedanta’s 7 steps to enlightenment.
The fourth step of Vedanta, of sadhana, of spiritual discipline, is Non-duality, Only One Existence – One Being, One Existence, One Consciousness, One Truth. 
The first three steps of Vedantas’s 7 steps to enlightenment is the masculine phase, while the fourth step is the first step of the feminine phase. 
“The first three steps of Vedanta’s seven steps to enlightenment is the masculine phase. It is the phase of doing, effort, ego, commitment and will.
The first three steps are:
1. The oceanic feeling, heart, body, feeling God is everywhere in human beings, animals, flowers, stones and nature. Many seekers has experienced this oceanic feeling of oneness, which have created a longing and thirst in their heart and being to come back to this blissful and effortless way of being one with life.
2. Thinking, contemplation, meditation, training
the mind to be focused. Only a focused mind can
3. Non-attachment, desirelessness, becoming
aware about desires and becoming the inner witness.
The fourth step is the first step of the feminine phase, of non-doing, of effortlessness, of allowing. The fourth step is about letting go, about not creating hindrances to our spiritual growth. It is a kind of death, not of the physical body, but of the ego.”
– Swami Dhyan Giten
“The first three steps has to be practiced, the first three steps has to be so deeply rooted in your being through your effort – and then the fourth step happens by itself. Suddenly you realize that there is non-duality, that only one exists, one being, one existence, one truth. You realize that life is one, that the sky is one”
– Swami Dhyan Giten

The lecture was followed by 40 minutes of Satsang with Giten in silence and meditation.
“The feminine phase is about flowing with the river of consciousness, to flow with the Ocean of consciousness, to flow with Samadhi. One day the river will reach the ocean.”
– Swami Dhyan Giten 
During the autumn 2013, there will be an opportunity for open Satsang with Giten during Thursday evenings in Stockholm.
During this evening, Giten was also invited to continue with Satsang in Stockholm during the spring 2014.
Read more about open Satsang with Giten during the autumn 2013 on Facebook:

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