Slave Mentality and Poverty Consciousness – The Basic Causes of the Problems of the World

Swami Dhyan Giten 


Today is the funeral of Nelson Mandela, and the
hypocrites that before called him a terrorist are now
making speeches in his honor. USA registered Nelson
Mandela and his political party ANC as a terrorist
organization, but now President Obama is making a
speach in honor of Mandela as a good leader. 
Responsibility is the corner stone for spiritual growth. The more we grow in consciousness, the more we also understand that we are responsible for the whole.

The largest fear of the forces that want to control and manipulate people is that people will grow in consciousness, and begi
n to realize that this is their world.

A friend of mine coming home after being in India for almost 2 years, asked me recently if the new age people in Stockholm was so egoistic as she experienced them.

When problems occurred earlier with the Swedish publisher Vulkan, and their CEO threatened me when I criticized them, I was shocked when people did not care at all. There was a total silence from the people that I thought was “friends” on the spiritual path. The response on Facebook was also a total silence. A therapist colleague commented that I was generously sharing something totally different on Facebook, but when problems occurred nobody cared.

I was sad when I meet the same silence when the American company Yahoo closed my official Yahoo-account since 10 years, because I criticized the endless wars in the world – but this time I was prepared when the same silence occurred.

But after allowing myself to feel sad, I realized that this is not really my problem: people’s egoism, denial and indifference is their own problem. And it is hardly the first time that I meet this indifference, cowardice and denial: I meet the the same attitude when I refused to accept the element of fascism in a spiritual organization, and when it was clear that I had been right all along, no-one wanted to take any responsibility for passively supporting a fascism.

My precious friend since many years, Eric Rolf, international lecturer, course leader and former consultant to John Lennon, commented when Yahoo close my mail-account: “Actions like this taken by Yahoo stimulate a sadness regarding the state of humankind that is felt at a truly deep level. At least I feel it so.”

Eric also commented what I said about people’s egoism and denial by saying that his feeling was that the attitudes of slave mentality and poverty consciousness are the basic causes of the problems that face the world today.

We need to grow up and see that we are responsible for the whole.

– Swami Dhyan Giten

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