Awakening: Satsang Intensive with Swami Dhyan Giten, February, 15, in Stockholm


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Satsang Intensive with

Swami Dhyan Giten 

February, 15, 2014 

Awakening: Satsang Intensive med Swami Dhyan Giten is an invitation, which can bring light on your path to inner awakening. Giten helps us to see what stands in the way of being in contact with our authentic inner being. It is an invitation to rediscover our authentic inner being, the inner silence and emptiness, the inner source of love and truth, the capacity to surrender to life. 

This Satsang Intensive also works as a prolonged shaktipat (transmission of spiritual energy), which both creates immediate result – together with effect that becomes obvious during the coming weeks and months after the intensive. When Giten pursued an advanced training in spiritual healing in USA 1984, he was told that he had the capacity to become a seventh chakra healer, a spiritual healer, to act as a catalyst and channel for spiritual energy from the seventh chakra through the heart. The last 30 years has meant to develop and deepen this capacity to an instrument of subtle catalytic effect, which Giten uses in this Satsang intensive. 

All are welcome to this journey towards inner awakening. This Satsang Intensive is a gift to ourselves on our way to spiritual awakening. 

“I felt an immediate “yes” to Awakening with Giten. 

Satsang with Giten was totally wonderful! Awakening with Giten was very strong.” 
Toshen, beloved friend of Giten since many lives



“In some moments, I realize what an incredible opportunity Satsang with Giten is, and in other moments I fall back to the unawareness and sleep of the mind. I had never dared to take the step to participate in Satsang with Giten if there was not such a love.”

Emanuel Sjogren, musician and student of Giten since 5 years
“I could sit in Satsang with Giten on this sofa all night, but unfortunately I have to get up to work tomorrow –
but I think that this silence will affect people.” 

Rolf Soderberg, supervisor in social work, Stockholm 

Practical information

Time: Saturday, February 15, 10am – 18pm

Place: Farsta, 15 minutes from Stockholm C.

PRICE: 600 SEK – 60 £:-. Lunch is not included, but there are plenty of places close by for lunch. 


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