Satsang with Swami Dhyan Giten, January 29, in Stockholm: Relationships, Sexuality and Meditation

Giten, foto, gul tröja, sittande på gren



Swami Dhyan Giten

January, 29, in Stockholm


“Sex is the alpha and enlightenment is the omega.
Sex is the first step of the spiritual journey, and
enlightenment is the last step of the spiritual
– Swami Dhyan Giten
“Sexuality is the door to love, and love is the door to
silence, to the divine.”
-Swami Dhyan Giten
“Our basic relationship to sex mirrors our whole
relationship to life.”
– Swami Dhyan Giten
The topic for the Satsang with Giten on January, 29, was relationships, sexuality and meditation. Giten began this Satsang by lecturing on Buddha’s sutra Silence is the Answer, where Buddha recommends the authentic seeker of love and truth to remain in your center, in your silence and to be aware if you are insulted by other people. 
Giten also introduced the second chakra, Sensations, which is the center for relationships, feelings, family, friends and sexuality. Giten also talked about the relationship between sexuality and meditation, and how to use our basic energy to grow in meditation. 
“I will take advantage of this opportunity for Satsang
with Giten.”
Lech Dulny, vice head of the School for the Arts in
Stockholm, which organizes courses in music, theatre,
dance, art, media and dramatic arts
“I am sad that I missed the Satsang with Giten last Wednesday due to outer circumstances, but I felt that something was almost pulling me towards Satsang. It is strange. I have felt every time that something has pulled me to Satsang. I have felt it almost like a physical pull.”
Lotta Hallin, Stockholm 
Buddha: Silence is the Answer 
Buddha said: if an evil-doer, seeing you practice goodness, comes and maliciously insult you, you should patiently endure it and not feel angry with him for the evil-doer is insulting himself by trying to insult you. 
– When you grow spiritually, you will find that many people will get upset with you, because your spiritual growth, your presence, your love, your joy, your silence, create a guilt, a resistance, in them.
– A good man creates comparison in other people, which will hurt their ego.
– A Jesus must be crucified, because his his love, his presence, his light, hurt the ego. A Socrates must be poisoned, because his truth and authenticity creates a comparison. It mirrors others lies and unauthenticity.
– If you live with unconscious and unhealthy people, your consciousness and health are dangerous to them.
– People will come and insult you, because you hurt their ego, you hurt their lies.
– When people insult you, you should remain at your center, you should patiently endure the insult.
– You should remain in your center, in your silence, and be aware and watch the insult. You should not be disturbed by the insult. If you are disturbed, the insulting person has defeated you.
– You remain silent, collected and calm.
– Buddha says just keep quiet, endure it, remain patient and do not get angry with the person.
– Swami Dhyan Giten

2. Sensations

– Relationships, Feelings,
Family, Sexuality
and Satisfaction

The second chakra or level of awareness is called Sensations. It is placed three centimeters below the navel. Sensations is the center for feelings and relates to social needs, sensuality, sexuality, satisfaction and melting together with another person. It relates to feelings of anger, fear, sorrow and sympathy.

Sensations also relates to the ability to feel sympathy and being emotionally connected with other people.

The second level of awareness is about psychological issues in relation to other people, for example parents, family and friends. It relates to liberating oneself from parents in order to grow up to an integrated, independent and whole individual.

Sensations start to develop from 3 to 7 years of age.

The second level of awareness is focused on the needs of the individual, which primarily are governed by emotions.

The second level of awareness also relates to the relation between food, sex and emotional issues.

People who have been let down by other people often have problems trusting others. This creates a defensive attitude and keeping people at a distance, which relates to the second level of awareness.

An over active second chakra leads to:

Selfishness, an over ambitious and competitive attitude, explosiveness, aggressiveness, manipulation, an emotional attitude, vulgarity and an excessive sense of pride.

An under active second chakra leads to:

Impotence and frigidity, emotional problems and conflicts, a lack of emotional contact with other people, a lack of understanding other people emphatically, sexual inhibition and guilt, shyness, over sensitivity, hidden shameful feelings, suspicion towards others and an introvert disposition.

A balanced second chakra leads to:

A genuine caring for others, a capacity to intuitively and emotionally understand other people, a capacity to feel sympathy for other people, kindness, passion, sexual self-confidence and satisfaction, vitality and well being.

After the lecture, Giten invited questions and comments, and one female participant said that the work with the chakra system had started a deep healing in her.Another participant said that he had recently returned from India after 3 months, and that he really wanted to use this opportunity for Satsang with Giten.

He also said that he had closed off many relationships during the last period, but that now he wanted to to rediscover his inner being, to return to joy, meditation and silence, in his life again, which he felt that he had forgotten.

Giten commented that the inner joy and silence is always available within. It is only a question of rediscovering the inner joy and silence. Giten also said that relationships is a question of inviting people into your life from your inner being, rather than closing people off because of ideas and judgements. Giten also said that relationships is both about becoming clear about what I want in relationships, and about being clear about what I do not want in relationships.

The lecture was followed by 25 minutes of silent Satsang with Giten, which created a deep joy and silence.

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