1-Day Satsang Intensive with Swami Dhyan Giten, February 15, in Stockholm: Tantra – The Way of the Heart

Giten, foto, gul tröja, sittande på gren

“Tantra: The Way of the Heart is about discovering the
inner being, our authentic self, the meditative quality
within, the inner silence and emptiness, the capacity to
sureender to life. It is to learn to love and accept
yourself unconditionally. It is to realize that you are
already perfect as you are.”
– Swami Dhyan Giten
“Hallelujah! The 1-day
 Satsang with Giten
 was fantastic.
I left the Satsang, so in love with life. I only
feel love.”
-Lotta Hallin, participant in Giten’s Satsang Intensive, February 15, in Stockholm

    Giten opened the 1-day Satsang Intensive on February 15 with the question to the participants about what was standing in their way to be authentically themselves. 

The intensive included much laughter, humor and silence, and Giten used guidad meditation, questions and honest and truthful dialogue with participants, silent communion with nature, using ordinary daily activities for meditation, and silent Satsang meditation.

Giten then continued to introduce Tantra: The Way of the Heart, which is the path of love, joy, and surrender to life.

Giten continued during the day to lecture about the three levels of Tantra: The Way of the Heart: sex, love and prayer, which created a framework during the day to explore the three levels of love, from the physical level, to the psychological level to the spiritual level.

Giten’s lectures about Tantra and the three levels of love was recorded live during the day, and will be available in Swedish to download and on CD.

The Way of the Heart:
The Three Levels of Love
The Way of the Heart: The Three Levels of Love means to celebrate yourself and each moment in life, whatever the truth of the moment is.
It means to enjoy each moment. it means to celebrate each moment of life. It means to be thankful for each moment in life.
The Way of the Heart develops in three steps: 1. Sex 2. Love and 3. Prayer. 
3. Prayer 
– Prayer is the spiritual level. It is the level of meditation, awareness, silence and the divine.
– Sex becomes refined in love, and love becomes refined in prayer
– When you have gone beyond the heart, you have gone beyond love, your whole being is in need of flowering. Your whole being. your joy and silence needs to be shared, then it is prayer.
– Prayer is to start feeling that the other is divine
– In prayer, sexuality disappears 
2. Love 
– The second level Love is the psychological level. 
– Sex is sharing through the body, love is sharing through the heart.
– To share love, you need a celebration in your heart, you have to be happy, content and silent, so that you can share.
– In love you need to love the other person for sex
– Love is in the middle of sex and prayer.
– Love relates to the fourth chakra, the Heart 
1. Sex
– The first level Sex is the physical level. Sex exists between two bodies.
– Sex is a sharing through the body.
– Sex relates to to the second chakra, Sensations
– Religion is a bridge between sex and the the divine
– Sex is our basic energy , which is transformed and refined into love and prayer
– Swami Dhyan Giten

This 1-Day Satsang Intensive ended with 2 30- minute silent Satsangs, where Giten first guided the participants through the three levels of Tantra: sex, love and prayer.

Giten ended that 1-day Satsang Intensive by saying that this day was a perfect introduction to Tantra: The Way of the Heart, and that participants could expect the healing process of the day to go deeper during the coming weeks and months. He also said that this 1-day intensive also went as deep as it is possible to go: into the no-self, the inner silence and emptiness, which is the essence of Satsang,

He also informed that Satsang will continue during March, April and May on Thursdays 19.00 pm – 21.00 pm in Stockholm. He also informed that a new chance for 1-day Satsang Intensive is planned on April, 12, 10.00 am – 18.00 pm.

Read more about Satsang, Satsang Intensives, Satsang Weekends and Retreats with Swami Dhyan Giten at international site Meeting Truth:


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