Fragrance from the Inner: Giten lectures for free download

Giten, foto, meditation, gul tröja 
Fragrance from the Inner:
Giten Lectures
for free download 
Lotta Hallin, a participant in Satsang with Giten in Stockholm, wrote a mail to Giten a couple of days ago, saying that she felt a need to record Giten’s lectures during Satsang to be able to listen to them again. 
She writes: “Giten manages to deliver so much wisdom and interesting information in a short while during Satsang that I want to save everything, and put in a little shrine for further contemplation.”
In cooperation with Emanuel Sjogren, talented musician, composer and student of Giten since 5 years, Giten’s lectures during Satsang has been recorded live. These lectures will be available for free download and on CD.
Giten’s first recorded lecture on The Way of the Heart: The Three Levels of Love – Sex, Love and Prayer is now available in Swedish on Grooveshark:  
“The most beautiful lecture that I have heard.” 
– Lotta Hallin, Stockholm
Giten’s lectures will be available on Grooveshark and on YouTube. Giten’s lectures om English will also be available in the future.
Giten’s recorded lectures starts and ends with Emanuel Sjobergs original composed music, which is music from the world of Giten.

“Gitens voice is really like musik, which the meaning of his name also hints about.”

– Emanuel Sjogren, musician and student of Giten since 5 years
Giten’s name means “Song of Meditation”.

Read more about Satsang, Satsang Intensives, Satsang Weekends and Retreats with Swami Dhyan Giten at international site Meeting Truth:


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