Spring Always Comes: Satsang with Giten during the spring in Stockholm




Satsang with Giten continues during the spring on
Thursdays in Stockholm
“Giten gave me life back. An awakening. I have seen the beauty in life, and I know that that this is the way.

I like Giten a lot. He is fantastic. The presence and impact he has on people. His wisdom and humor.”
– Lotta Hallin, Stockholm
Satsang with Giten continues during the Spring on Thursdays in Stocholm 19.00 PM-21.00 PM.
April 24. May 1, 8, 15, 22 maj.
150 SEK, 15 EUR
information and registration:swami.dhyan.giten@gmail.com
On the Satsang evening on April 17, Giten lectured about the two types of love, ordinary love and being-love, and about the four indications of love. The Satsang evening ended with 30 minutes of silent Satsang, where a deep silence developed.
The lecture was recorded live and will be available for free download.
During Satsang on Thursday, April 2, Giten was attacked with aggressiveness and judgemental projections in a planned attack by two persons. This attack on Giten was basically about power, which was like going from light to darkness in Satsang.
Power is a crucial pont in all spiritual movements – and power is an almost constant unconscious state in politics, business and in society at large.
This attack lowered Giten’s level of joy, satisfaction and creativity, which made Satsang take a pause on Thursday, April 10. Giten also discussed this attack with the Satsang participant Toshen, whose immediate response was: “Continue with Satsang. You are doing a great work.”
Toshen also commented that spiritual movements need to go beyond power conflicts to be able to work for the light. She also said that this attack on Giten was only ridicolous.
Giten felt that it would be a mistake to allow this power attack to affect Satsang, since Satsang is needed in these transformative times in the world, which is about a shift from power to heart, from ego to light.
Hello Giten! I just wanted to send this mail and thank you for your newsletters, and wish you all luck in your continued work with the light of love.
You do a fantastic pioneer work when you show people the way!”
Par Wahlstrom, healer and author of The Magic of Love


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