Giten Devotion Meditation: Love, Devotion, Freedom

Giten + Toshen-bild

Giten and his beloved friend Toshen

in blissful oneness without barrier

Giten Devotion Meditation

The consequence of love and devotion are freedom.

The are two basic types of people: the intellectually and scientifically oriented people and the heart oriented, emotion oriented and poetically oriented people.

This meditation is for the heart oriented people, the feeling type.

In love and devotion, the other person becomes more important than yourself.

This is basically a matter of trust.

The intellectual type can not trust anybody. He cannot trust.

In order to understand devotion, you must first understand love.

Logic and mind always remains ego-centered, but on the path of the heart, the other becomes important, the other becomes real.

if your love becomes so intense that you forget yourself completely, you have reached to devotion.

Love is the first step, only then can devotion flower.

If your love grows deeper, the other becomes more and more significant.

This total feeling of love, this total surrender, this losing of oneself into the other, is transformation, which creates devotion.

The ego dissolves when the other becomes so important that you disappear, you are no more.

When the love becomes more important than you, you can die for him or her.

The other has become the meaning of your love.

If you can make love a meditation to transform yourself, you begin to have glimpses of devotion.

In devotion, you surrender yourself totally.

If you can allow yourself to dissolve for the other, you will be transformed.

Devotion is freedom.

If you dissolve, the beloved will be everywhere. You will find the beloved in the flowers, in the trees, in the stars and in the open sky.

– Swami Dhyan Giten


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