Satsang with Giten with Initiation 2014-05-15: Whatsoever makes you blissful is truth



MAY 15, 2014

Whatsoever makes you
blissful is truth
– Let that be your only
criteron in Life
Initiation Talks with
Deva Emanuel
Beautiful pink roses and fresh summer flowers surrounded Giten’s birthday on May, 15, which was celebrated with Satsang and Shaktipat Initiation.
Emanuel was initiated and was reborn as Deva Emanuel, which Giten gave the personal meaning and spiritual guidance: deva, divine and Emanuel, bliss.
The whole meaning of the name is divine bliss. Giten told Emanuel to remember himself as divine bliss, and this is the only reality. The deeper we go inside ourselves, the more we find our inner being, the more we find divine bliss.
Emanuel’s girl friend Johanna, who is an accomplished violin player,  and his mother Bodil, who is a therapist, was also present during the initiation of her son. She commented afterwards that she had no words to describe the experience, and that it was a profound experience.
The silent part of the Satsang with Giten ended in a sublime and profound silence.
Below you will find a transcript of the initiation talk with Deva Emanuel. The initiation talk was also recorded live, and will be available in Swedish for free download.
Whatsoever makes you
blissful is truth
– Let that be your only
criterion in Life
Initiation talk
with Deva Emanuel
Initiation means a commitment to meditation, to your spiritual growth, and to discovering your inner being.
Initiation means that a deep commitment is needed in your spiritual growth, a deep involvement is needed in your spiritual growth.
By initiation, you become available. The growth becomes easy, because you do not create obstacles. It is opening a deep trust in your heart and being.
When we are new to the path, one part of us can be afraid of meditation, afraid of commitment to the spiritual path.
Once you have taken initiation, one you have taken a deep commitment to your spiritual growth, this fear disappears.
This fear comes from the past, which creates fear and is suspicious of everything. It wants to hold back, but by initiation, you become available, you begin to trust. It becomes a surrender to life.
Initiation becomes the first step to the ultimate surrender, to enlightenment, to Samadhi, to truth, to freedom, to the inner kingdom of God, which happens step by step.
This will be your new name: Deva Emanuel. Deva means divine and Emanuel means bliss. Remember yourself as divine bliss, feel yourself as divine bliss. This is our true reality.
The deeper we go within, the more we find God, the more we find divine bliss.
There is really no God, there is only godliness.
You have searched for the divine bliss for several lives. You have been a Tibetan monk when Tibet was on its highest spiritual peak, and that has created a commitment to the path.
Bliss comes when you are in accordance with the truth of your own being.
When bliss comes, you have to play it, sing it, dance it. You will find meaning in life only if you create this bliss.
And when meditation and creativity come together in your life, life becomes a bliss of the divine.
Meditation and creativity are the keys to find the blissfulness within you.
And the more blissful you become, the more bliss will be coming.
So feel blissful in meditation, in relationships, in creativity and in life as a whole.
Whenever you listen to your being, your truth, it leads to a silence, a bliss.
This is the criterion for growth.
Whenever you do something, listen to the silent voice from within.
When you listen to other people, when you listen to other people’s ideas and expectations, it will lead to misery.
Whenever you listen to your own being, it leads to silence, to bliss.
Listen to your being. Always remember to judge everything by your own inner feeling of bliss.
And do not allow other people to prevent you from go on your own way.
Remember only one thing: whatsoever feels good is good, whatever feels beautiful is beautiful.
And whatsoever makes you joyful, blissful, is truth. Let that be the only criterion in life.
Whatsoever makes you happy is bound to be true.

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