DARSHAN with Giten, June 24, in Stockholm

Inituation, Toshen

Darshan with Giten

– Spiritual Presence

An intimate meeting with Giten

John the Baptist Day, June 24, 19.00 PM – 21.00 PM, in Stockholm

150 SEK – 15 EUR

“Just as what we give to life comes back to us, our thirst and commitment to our spritual growth, determines what we achieve in our spiritual growth.”

– Swami Dhyan Giten

Darshan is an intimate meeting with Giten, where he can talk intimately to individuals and small groups of seekers of truth and disciples.

In Darshan, Giten will answer questions from seekers of truth, give spiritual guidance and give initiation to seekers of truth.

Darshan is for sincere seekers of truth who are related to Giten’s work, or who have sufficient life experience or previous experience of spiritual growth and meditation, to understand the sophistication of Giten’s work.

Darshan with Giten will happen once a month.

Booking of Darshan before June 20 to: swami.dhyan.giten@gmail.com

The next Darshan with Giten will be held July 22. Registration before July 18.


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