Darshan with Giten on June 24 in Stockholm: Coming Home

Initering, Lotta + Giten2


Emptiness & Trust

Darshan is an intimate meeting with Giten, where he can talk intimately to individuals and small groups of seekers of truth and disciples.

In Darshan, Giten will answer questions from seekers of truth, give spiritual guidance and give initiation to seekers of truth.

Darshan is for sincere seekers of truth who are related to Giten’s work, or who have sufficient life experience or previous experience of spiritual growth and meditation, to understand the sophistication of Giten’s work.

Darshan with Giten will happen once a month.

On Darshan with Giten on June 24, he began to talk about Emptiness and Trust. Giten said that the inner emptiness is the door to God. He said that meditation is to learn to enjoy your inner emptiness, and that meditation is to learn to trust the inner emptiness, to trust the inner nothingness and to trust the unknown.

Giten also had a intimate talk with Toshen, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and was operated 2 weeks ago. Giten told Toshen that her cancer is based on a trauma based in her second chakra, which has created a basic mistrust in life and manifests as psychological and physical symptoms of ambivalence between trust and mistrust in the heart chakra and the lungs. He recommended her therapy to solve this basic cause of the cancer, which will also help the body to vitalize it’s own inner healing system. He also told Toshen to close the door to death, and to open the door to coming home in herself.

The next two Darshans with Giten will happen on July 22 and August 19. Registration: swami.dhyan.giten(a)gmail.com


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