Individual consultations with Swami Dhyan Giten: A Taste of Meditation

Initiation med Lotta, bara Lotta
A Taste of Meditation
Giten had an individual consultation with Prem Mukta on July, 9. Before the consultation, Mukta mailed to Giten asking if it was ok if she brought her dog to the consultation as she was travelling with the dog to another place right after the consultation, which Giten agreed to.
When the dog came to Giten’s apartment, she was very nervous and anxious and run back and forth in the apartment, because she was in a new and unknown environment with new people.
For Giten it felt like having a consultation with two beings, instead of one. He could see that the dog was an old soul with a beautiful and sensitive being. Giten also felt that the best way to relate to her nervous and anxious energy was to not give any energy to the nervousness, but to invite her in silence, calm and meditation.
Giten laughed that this old soul suddenly appeared in a consultation, since he had told a disciple just the other day that even flowers and animals have spiritual names that indicate their individual spiritual path.
This consultation with two beings felt like an inner initiation for this old soul, and Giten also felt that the spiritual name for this soul was Deva Urja, which means divine energy and  indicates a spiritual path to transform her nervous energy into joy, silence and meditation.
Giten fell in love with this energy phenomenon, with this divine energy, that suddenly in the middle of the consultation jumped up in the lap of Mukta making her presence and energy visible.
But as the consultation continued, the dog fell asleep on Giten’s sofa, which Mukta commented by saying: “This never happens.” And Giten commented: “A taste of meditation.”
Read more about individual consultations with Swami Dhyan Giten in Stockholm. Click on the button “Individual consultations”.

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