Satsang with Giten during the autumn 2014 in Stockholm: Buddha – The Emptiness of the Heart

Inituation, Toshen

 “The inner emptiness is the door to God.” 

– Swami Dhyan Giten

The Satsang series Buddha – The Emptiness of the Heart with Giten is an opportunity to discover the “empty heart,” beyond feelings and sentiment, the door to the inner Buddha, the door to God, that exists within ourselves.


Giten will also talk about The New Man, who develops all the three dimensions of being, all three doors to God: head,  the dimension of thinking, logic and reason, heart – the dimension of  joy, trust, intuition, relationships and a sense of unity in love and being – the dimension of meditation, silence, emptiness and oneness with life.

.“I have always had the capacity to go within myself and to discover the silence within, the inner meditative quality, the inner source of love and truth – the inner language of silence. Now I also notice that this silence is going deeper, and that I go beyond the ego and disappear into the silence.

First this brought up fear, but now I am enjoying this meditation of disappering into the silence and to be nobody. I have started experimenting with this phenomenon to understand how to consciously go beyond the ego: yesterday when I took a cofee at a restaurant, I consciously turned my attention within and disappeared into the silence, which was like finding an inner source of bliss.

In aloneness, I experiment with being consciously alone as a door to be egoless. In conscious aloneness, the ego can not function. In aloneness, your are not. When I am walking, I consciously experiment with being with Existence without having the mind constantly commenting. I try to just be wordlessly with the people and situations that I meet on my walk.

When I can just be with Existence, it opens the door to be one with the Whole.”

– Swami Dhyan Giten,
From the book “The Language of Silence”.

SWAMI DHYAN GITEN, spiritual teacher and author, has more than 30 years of experience in individual counseling and in teaching awareness and meditation. He is trained in both modern psychology and in classic Eastern methods for awareness and meditation.

In 1982, when Giten was 23 years old, he was directed by the Divine presence in a trance session with the American trance chancellor Lin David Martin: “You have listened to your intuition, to your true inner voice, more than most. You have been searching for the contact with the Spirit for a long time and now it is beginning to manifest on the outer plane. You have been gifted many times in previous embodiments and now everything will come rather easy for you. I want you to put your energy into the lives of others, because you can”.

A spiritual teacher, who have counselled thousands of people, told Giten in 1984: “You will dissolve into the silence. All the earlier enlightened Masters and all the small Deva’s are just here to help you to get enlightened.”

He is author of the best-selling book “Meditationens Sång” (Swedish edition,, “The Silent Whisperings of the Heart”, “Presence – Working from within. The Psychology of Being” and “The Language of Silence: From Darkness to Light” (available at

“Satsang with Giten was totally wonderful!”
– Toshen, Stockholm

“Hallelujah! The 1-day Satsang with Giten was fantastic. Magic. I left the Satsang, so in love with life. Happiness. I only feel love.”
-Prem Mukta, participant in Giten’s Satsang Intensive, February 15, in Stockholm

“In some moments, I realize what an incredible opportunity Satsang with Giten is, and in other moments I fall back to the unawareness and sleep of the mind. I had never dared to take the step to participate in Satsang with Giten if there was not such a love. Since I began to study for Giten, a new dimension of awareness has developed step by step, which has transformed my whole life.”

– Deva Emanuel , musician and student of Giten since 6 years

“Satsang with Giten is a rich and warm emptiness. I want to give Giten all love and my warmest thank you. Giten and the Satsang has given me so much. I have never been so close to happiness before. In many moments, life has become complete.”
– Prem Mukta, Stockholm 

 “I do not go to Giten because he belong to a certain spiritual group or tradition, I go to Giten because he is a spiritual teacher like Sai Baba or Eckhart Tolle.”
– Toshen, Stockholm
 “The silent Satsang yesterday felt strong. Almost immediately when we sat down in silent Satsang, I was filled with an energy so strong that it felt like I was surrounded by an almost physical energy field.
I almost felt like I was going to levitate, like the energy was so compact that I could not sit still on the floor. It was like the Satsang danced, it was living its own life. It felt ancient, powerful and beyond control.
And in the middle of everything, a loud and wild laughter grow, which I had to fight to keep back. It felt like I would never stop laughing if I began.

When Giten sounded the bell that the Satsang was over, I had to concentrate to come back in one piece, remind the body of the frame, remind the head of the room, of the here and now.
After a while, it worked, and the effect was that I felt happy, calm and full of love after Satsang.

– Prem Mukta, Stockholm
TIME: 10 Thursday evenings. 
19.00 PM -21.00 PM. 
August 7, 14, 21, 28. September 4, 11, 18, 25. October 2, 9. 
Price: 1200 SEK – 120 EUR/10 Thursday evenings. Single evenings can also be
booked by advance booking. Advance booking: Price, single evenings: 150 SEK – 15 EUR.
PLACE: Farsta/Stockholm, 15 minures from Stockholm City
REGISTRATION before August 1 to:
Prevous experience of meditation and spiritual growth are recommended.
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