Giten attacked by the cult that managed to murder their own master

 Iniitiation - Toshen + Giten
Giten attacked by the cult that managed to murder their own

– and they are still going strong

“It is not many things that modern psychology agress upon, but all the different approaches of psychology agrees on one thing: that people in groups become more stupid. Individually people are more intelligent, because they have to take their own responsibility, but in a group they do not have to take the same responsibility.
The two basic power strategies to try to manipulate and gain control over another person are: silencing and attacking. Silencing means to not listen to, to exclude or ignore and not respect a person. Attack can both mean to attack a person directly or to try to discredit a person through lies, to ridicule a person or by spreading malicious rumours.
All organizations are more or less dysfunctional. In a dysfunctional group, the members of the group play three different roles: agressor, denier and victim. The agressor is the role that attack and ridicule people, the denier never knows what is going on, there is “no body at home”, and the victim is the resultat of these two roles.
It is always easier to follow a group without awareness, than to follow your own heart, to trust your own intelligence, love, truth, silence and creativity.”
– Swami Dhyan Giten
Presence – Working from Within.
The Psychology of Being
Punya, the editor of Osho News, received the newsletter of spiritual teacher and best-selling author Swami Dhyan Giten on Friday, and on Saturday she sent the following comment to Giten: this guy is really going over the top. Punya. This would mean that she found Giten too extreme.
After a mail conversation with Punya a couple of years ago, Giten told Punya that he did not appreciate her unprofessional behaviour. Punya answered this complaint against her by saying that then Osho News would not review Giten’s latest book, which they had planned.
Giten told this story to the professional psychotherapists, which he supervise and educate, and they just laughed at this as an example of lack of professionality and an example of the behaviour of a cult.
Giten sent Punya a mail about her latest stupid comment, but she has not answered. This latest comment is another example of unprofessional behaviour and an example of the behaviour of a cult.
The mail-adress of Osho News are now removed from Giten’s mailing list.
Sadly, this kind of judgemental people in sannyas has caused great damage to sannyas during the years, and a lot of intelligent people has left sannyas because of that.
Giten is not associated with the organization around Osho, and he has told Osho News that if they do not solve this situation with intelligence, he requests that they remove all his books from the Osho News site as he do not want to be associated with stupid and judgemental behaviour of a cult.
Punya answers:
Punya wrote an answer to Giten and the explanation was that she made a mistake: she meant to send the comment about Giten and his work to somebody else, but she made a mistake and sent it direcly to Giten.
She also said that this comment was because Giten has published a photo book about his work.
Giten has requested that all his book are removed from Osho News as he does not want to be associated with this behaviour of a cult.
Otherwise the response was the usual denying and attacking Giten from the Osho movement, which is the usual strategies in a cult and dysfunctional group. One sannyasin on the Facebook group “Satsang” tried to insult Giten by writing the following: It sounds like Giten has a lot of unresolved anger in him, and a greed for power which reminds me of Paul Lowe… It sounds unintelligent and inconsistent. Like little children trying to convince their mom that they are innocent by pointing the finger elsewhere than themselves… Some “spiritual teacher” :-/
This was posted on the Facebook group “Sannyas”, and the same Punya had clicked that she liked this insult on Giten, which was not surprising.

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