Satsang with Swami Dhyan Giten during October, November and December 2014 in Stockholm

Giten, foto, meditation, sten



A beautiful woman said in a consultation with Giten that she felt that she had to leave Sweden, because she felt that her friends and family did not allow her to to grow, to change.
An intelligent psychologist commented in a consultation with Giten that he appreciated that he had not come to some sort of cult. 
Giten has now held Satsang in Stockholm for almost a year, which has been a mixed experience. The inner process in Satsang with committed seeker of truth has been a sublime, beautiful and precious experience, but the outer response from Sweden and the spiritual community has been a response of “no”, resistance, lack of commitment to spiritual growth and mind-negativity, which has been tiring.
The current Satsang series “Buddha – The Emptiness of the Heart” ends on October 9, and after that Giten will decide if there is enough “yes” and commitment to spiritual growth to continue with Satsang in Stockholm.

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