Giten on Children and Spiritual Parenting

Giten on Children
and Spiritual Parenting
Giten, age 3, contemplates life during dinner
“A child comes from God, a child
is a gift from God, but a child is
not our possession.
Give the child unconditional love
and freedom. Respect the child,
the child has its own soul. The
child has its own way.
– Swami Dhyan Giten
“Give the child a taste of
meditation by creating a climate
and atmosphere of love
acceptance and silence.”

“The most precious gift that you

can give to the child is

unconditional love and

acceptance, which

allows the child to discover his

own inner being, his authentic

self, his own freedom

to be himself.”



“A small child is like

an open sky. The name of the

child can either be expansive or

limiting. It can either create an

expansion or contraction of


-Swami Dhyan Giten


Giten, age 2, is having an exstatic Sufi moment,
Sufi’s are the mad people of God


“The mother is the child’s first

relationship, his whole world,

his existence.


If there is love in the

relationship between the Child

and the mother, the child learns

to trust himself, to trust others

and to trust life.


If there is no love in the

relationship between

the mother and the child, the

child learns to distrust himself,

to distrust others and to distrust


– Swami Dhyan Giten

The Perfect Christmas gift for Life: Giten’s books

Giten Christmas Card

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The Perfect Christmas Gift

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English and

Swedish titles

Song of Meditation, photo book cover


Song of Meditation:

Photo book of the Life and Work

of Swami Dhyan Giten


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Song of Meditation is a photo book of the life and work of spiritual teacher and author Swami Dhyan Giten.

This full colour photo book contains many beautiful photos of Swami Dhyan Giten, his people, satsang meditations, initiation and quotes from Giten.

This photo book is a beautiful way to get to know Giten’s unique vision and to inspire yourself on your way to love, beauty, truth and inner awakening.

“A Beautiful book.”

Deva Emanuel, musican

Paperback, full colour,

Dimensions (inches): 9 wide x 7 tall,

23 Pages,

Price: $13.79

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Giten Calendar 2015


Giten Calendar 2015

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Giten Calendar 2015 is a calendar of the life and work of spiritual teacher and author Swami Dhyan Giten.

The calendar contains many beautiful photos of Swami Dhyan Giten, his people, satsang meditations, initiation and quotes from Giten.

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Omslag, Language of Silence, Greg

Giten’s latest book

The Language of Silence:

From Darkness to Light

receives 5 of 5 stars on the international book site Goodreads with 9 million users

“It was amazing”, says Anca, who reviewed The Language of Silence :

From Darkness to Light on Goodreads.

The Language of Silence – From Darkness to Light

by Swami Dhyan Giten (Goodreads Author)

5.0 of 5 stars 5.00

I was 9 years old when I had my first spiritual awakening, my first glimpse of wholeness with Existence, my first taste of the language of silence, says spiritual teacher and best-selling author Swami Dhyan Giten in this book. This created a deep thirst and longing in his heart and being to return to this natural and effortless experience of being one with the Whole. 

“I have always had the capacity to go within myself and to discover the silence within, the inner meditative quality, the inner source of love and truth, the inner language of silence”, Giten explains in this book. “Now I also notice that this silence is going deeper, and that I go beyond the ego and disappear into the silence.”

This book consists of a collection of quotes from Swami Dhyan Giten on silence. It also explains how silence is the flower and love and wholeness are the fragrance.

Swami Dhyan Giten has dedicated his life to teach the art of awareness and meditation. He conducts individual consultations, seminars and courses internationally. His quotes, articles and books has touched the hearts of thousands and are appearing with increasing frequency in magazines, blogs and websites.

“Swami Dhyan Giten’s The Language of Silence — From Darkness to Light reminds me of those moments when we drift back from sleep to wakefulness and the precious insights that quite often occur in those instants of ”awakening.”

It is my own experience that all spiritual paths have a common thread which most simply stated is: unconditional self acceptance. It is this process or journey toward self acceptance that leads to our connection with our individual aloneness and silence about which Giten so beautifully often comments. Here Giten tells us we find our true heart, that love that becomes our healer and a healing presence that projects beyond ourselves and heals and nourishes the lives of all others with who we have contact, be they friends, strangers or even our pets.

Giten’s The Language of Silence is a beautifully expressed and highly intimate picture of his own spiritual history. While reading this book which is formatted in short segments and insightful phrases and a true delight to read and sure to later re-visit, I had the sense of listening to his open heart as it gave words to his personal silence.

Giten offers us a quite intimate connection with his inner being and thus a glimpse of the beauty within ourselves.”

From the foreword by Eric Rolf, international lecturer, course leader, author of Soul Medicine and former consultant to John Lennon

“Giten writes so stunningly beautiful that I suspect that something is whispering to him.”
– Brage Norin, professor in theoretical science, internationally recognized researcher in climate 
change, representative for the  Swedish Energy Commission to China, consultant at the Swedish 
think tank Skogsa

The Language of Silence is available on

international Internet book store Lulu:

Presence, lulu, ebok



“A very good book.” 

Marie Soderberg, psychotherapist and instructor in Mindfulness

“Presence – Working from Within” is more than a book about presence, but a manual in the art of unlocking the Soul’s Presence within the Personality.”

Eric Rolf, American therapist and author of the book Soul Medicine,

former consultant to John Lennon

Spiritual therapy works basically because we are all one. In the depth of our heart and being, we are in contact with each other. We are in contact with each other in the ocean of consciousness.

This book is an invitation to open our heart. This book is basically about love. It is designed to help us understand how healing happens.

Healing is pure love. Healing and wholeness happens when we meet the love within ourselves. Spiritual therapy is about love – what love is, where to find it and how to develop the capacity to share love, to give caring. This book is an invitation to people, who are interested in spiritual therapy and healing and wants to work with people from love, truth and wholeness.

Working with people from love, truth and wholeness is the psychology of being, the science of inner transformation. The psychology of being begins where Western psychology ends. It goes beyond Skinner, Freud, Jung, Rogers and Humanistic psychology. The psychology of being is the psychology of consciousness, a psychology for inner transformation. It is basically not a question of psychology; it is a question of being. The psychology of being begins where we are and takes us to that which we can be.

The psychology of being takes us through the layers of personality of thoughts, feelings and learnt attitudes to our inner being, which is hidden deep within us. The inner being is a deep acceptance of ourselves as we are. The inner being is to be available to life. The inner being is to be one with life. This book is an invitation to discover the inner being, our inner source of love, joy, acceptance, humour, truth, freedom, wisdom, silence, creativity and oneness with life.

This book is designed to help us develop our presence, so that our presence and intuition becomes a source of love, joy, acceptance, understanding, truth, silence, wisdom and creativity in the contact with another person. This book presents a new dimension of healing with a base in meditation. Meditation is the way to deepen our capacity to be present and to explore how to bring the meditative presence and quality into the healing and therapeutic process. he underlying theme of the book is meditation – but not meditation as a static technique – but as the capacity to BE with ourselves and with another person in a quality of watchful awareness, acceptance and relaxation.

This book is written both for people who want to discover their own inner being and for those who work with other people and wants to discover a new love, clarity, depth and inspiration in their professional work. The different topics of the book are combined with practical exercises.

The American website Reasoned shares an excerpt from Giten’s book “Presence – Working from Within. The Psychology of Being” on Presence – The Inner Source of Love, Truth and Wholeness

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Swedish titles

Meditationens Sång, omslag


Giten’s first best-selling book in Swedish!
The book is available all over Scandinavia




Denna bok handlar om medvetenhetens konst. Det genomgående temat är hur det inre varandet, den meditativa kvaliteten inom oss, den inre källan till kärlek och sanning, relaterar till personlig och andlig utveckling, till relationer med andra människor, till andlig kreativitet och till livet självt.

Denna bok erbjuder nycklar till andlig mognad. Dess olika teman varvas också med konkreta praktiska övningar.

Ur innehållet:

Inledning: Den inre resan
Personligheten och det inre varandet, det autentiska självet
Huvud, hjärta och varande – de tre medvetandenivåerna i det mänskliga medvetandet
Reaktion och respons – skillnaden mellan egogratifikation och varandeexpansion
Ja och nej till Livet – de tre positionerna att relatera till livet
De tre livsområdena: meditation, relationer och kreativitet
Meditation – vår inre natur
Meditationens essens
Meditationens två aspekter: kärlek och ensamhet
Meditationens två poler: den stilla, betraktande kvinnliga polen och den aktiva, kreativa manliga polen
Intuition – det existensiella språket
Healing är ren kärlek
Relationer – balansen mellan kärlek och frihet
Kommunikation – nyckeln till liv, kärlek och skratt
Den Inre mannen och den inre kvinnan
Sju steg mot det gudomliga: chakrasystemet
Relationen mellan personligheten och det inre varandet i chakrasystemet
Närvaro – att arbeta inifrån: att arbeta med människor utifrån kärlek och medvetenhet
Respons och reaktion: kamel, lejon och barn
Vision – att se klientens situation i ett helhetsperspektiv
4 Fallbeskrivningar
Att dansa med Existensen: Att arbeta med grupper av människor utifrån kärlek och medvetenhet
Ensamhet – den inre källan till glädje och kreativitet
Döden – grinden till Evigheten
Tidigare liv – det tredje ögats hemligheter
Meditationens hjärta: tomhet – frihet från jaget
Upplysning – den inre Buddhan
Meditationens konst – meditationsövningar för att transformera livskvaliteten

Meditationens Sång valdes till månadens bok av bokklubben Livsenergi, som är en av Sveriges största kvalitetsbokklubbar.

* * * *

4 of 5 stars,

International book site


“Att läsa Meditationens sång

har varit en stor upplevelse för mig.”

Lisbet Gemzell, lektor vid Lärarhögskolan och Teaterhögskolan

“Den här boken förändrade hela min världsbild!”

Ann-Sofie Segerstedt

“En alldeles underbar bok.

Jag har läst den långsamt och
noggrant och njutit av varje ord och mening.

Det är en bok för livet,

som jag kommer att läsa många gånger.”

Monica Samuelsson, Linköping

Giten är en kärleksfull förmedlare

av mycket visdom.”

Lena Nikunen, terapeut, Göteborg

“Den här boken erbjuder en

ovanligt nyanserad vägledning
i levnadskonst.”


“Bästa tänkbara boken om meditation. Jag använde den som underlag i fortsättningskurs

i Mindfulness”

Marie Söderberg, psykoterapeut och instruktör i Mindfulness

“Jag värdesätter Gitens arbeteoch vet hur mycket gott han
sprider till så många människor.”

Lena Kristina Tuulse, psykolog, pionjär inom humanistisk psykologi och grundare av Wäxthuset,en av de äldsta och största kursgårdarna för personlig utveckling i Sverige

Utgiven av Solrosens förlag, inbunden bok, 216 sid,
Omslagsmålning: THE EXISTENTIAL HEARTBEAT, Swami Dhyan Giten, 2000

Skicka Gitens bok Meditationens Sång – Om meditation, relationer och andlig kreativitet som presentinslagengåva med en personlig hälsning till en vän på


Meditationens Sång är tillgänglig över hela Skandinavien.

Köp eller beställ boken:

Vattumannens Bokhandel, Stockholm:
Näckrosens Bokhandel, Göteborg:



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Giten quoted in the book 1.001 Pearls of Spiritual Wisdom together with Jesus, John Lennon, Albert Einstein and Dalai Lama

ISBN: null, Title: 1,001 Pearls of Spiritual Wisdom: Words to Enrich, Inspire, and Guide Your Life
Giten quoted in the book
1.001 Pearls of Spiritual Wisdom
to Enrich, Inspire and Guide Your Life
– together with Jesus, John Lennon, Deepak Chopra, Albert Einstein, Dalai Lama, Soren Kierkegaard, Anais Nin, Carl Jung, Rabindranath Tagore, Paulo Coelho – and most of the front figures of contemporary humanity in different areas: spirituality, psychology, education, philosophy, literature, politics, science, entertainment and Music.
“Congratulations. You formulate yourself so oustanding beautiful that I suspect that something is whispering to you.”
– Brage Norin, professor in theoretical science, internationally recognized reseacher in climate change, representative for the Swedish energy commission in China, consultant for the Swedish think tank Skogsa

Swedish professor comments on Giten’s book “The Language of Silence: From Darkness to Light”

Brage Norin, foto
Swedish professor comments on Giten’s book The Language of Silence: From Darkness to Light
“How funny – no words can better describe love – than the words that flowed through your hand when you formulated the sentences that you quoted.
What a mission you have got. What a gift.”
– Brage Norin, professor in theoretical physics,
internationally recognized researcher in climate change,
consultant at the Swedish think tank Skogsa

Giten quoted in the new book Daily Zen Doodles together with Lao Tzu, Buddha and Dalai Lama

Daily Zen doodle , cover
Giten quoted in the new book
Daily Zen Doodles: 365 Tangle Creations for Inspiration, Relaxation and Joy
together with Lao Tzu, Buddha, Dalai Lama, Krishna, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Herman Hesse – and most of the worldwide spiritual community
Giten’s two books Presence – Working from Within: The Psychology of Being and The Silent Whisperings of the Heart are listed in the bibliography. 
With hand illustrated prompts and thoughtful quotes, Daily Zen Doodles will inspire you to lose yourself in the contemplative act of drawing. Each page is an invitation to sketch, relax, focus and reach toward inner Peace.

Satsang with Swami Dhyan Giten during the winter 2014 in Stockholm: Tao – The Way of Love, Happiness and Wholeness

Giten, foto, gul tröja, sittande på gren

TAO: The Path of Love, Happiness and Wholeness

Satsang with Gitenon Thursday evenings during November, December 2014 and January 2015 in Stockholm

The new Satsang series with Giten on Tao – The Way of Love, Happiness and Wholeness began on November 6 in Stockholm. Giten started this Satsang by lecturing on Tao and commenting on Lao Tzu’s book “Tao Te Ching” and Lu Tzu’s book “The Secrets of the Golden Flower”, one the most esoteric and unknown books in the World.

In his initial lecture, Giten focused on three basic concepts in Tao: 1.The opposite poles and tendencies of Life 2. Wu Wei – Action through inaction and 3. Silence and emptiness.

The Satsang ended in silence.

Below you will find an excerpt from the lecture in English.

The lecture was also recorded live and will be available shortly in Swedish on YouTube.

The Satsang series on Tao continues during the winter in Stockholm.


Lao Tzu’s first paragraph in the book “Tao Te Ching” is that the Tao that can be told is not the absolute Tao.

Lao Tzu has his own logic, the logic of paradoxes, the logic of life.

To understand Tao, you will have to create eyes.

Lao Tzu believes in the unity of opposites, because that is how life is.

The Tao can be communicated, but it can only be communicated from heart to heart, from being to being, from love to love, from silence to silence.

Truth is always realized in silence. In silence, the truth is realized.

You reach to truth through silence.

All spiritual books tries to say something that can not be said in the hope that a thirst, a longing, is created in your heart to know the truth.

Tao is totality. Life exists through the tension of the opposites, the meeting of the opposites.

Lao Tzu says that the opposite poles of life are not really opposites, but complementaries.

Thinking is always of opposites. Lao Tzu says: drop the split attitude. Be simple.

And when you are simple, you do not choose. Lao Tzu says: be choiceless, let life flow.

Enjoy both poles in life, and then your life becomes a symphony of opposites.

How to drop the mind: do not choose. If you do not choose, the mind drops.

Live life as it comes – float. Float with life. Enjoy the moment in its totality,

It is to live as part of the whole, to live as part of existence.

If you become silent and empty, everything will come on it’s own accord.

When you live without any desire for power, position, fame or success, the whole existence pours down into your emptiness.

– Swami Dhyan Giten

Satsang, November 6, 2014 in Stockholm

Practical information for Satsang with Gitenduring the Winter in Stockholm

Time: 10 Thursday evenings, 19.00 PM – 21.00 PM

November: 6, 13, 20, 27

December: 4, 11, 18

Januari 2015: 8, 15, 22

Price: 1200 SEK – 120 EUR/10 Thursday evenings. Single evenings can also be booked by advance booking. Advance booking: swami.dhyan.giten(a) Price, single evenings: 150 SEK – 15 EUR.

Place: Farsta/Stockholm. 15 minutes from Stockholm City

Information and registration: swami.dhyan.giten(a)