Swami Dhyan Giten: The war industrial complex is now promoting the third world war that Giten has been warning about

Giten, foto, sten till höger, liggande format
Carl Bildt promotes the war that
Giten has warned about:
The American war industrial
complex is now promoting the
 third world war

  Since one year, Giten has warned about the plans of the global and economical elite to start the third world war between the Middle East, Europe and Russia, which is happening now.
 Giten has also warned that the mainstream media in the West is bought and controlled by the global economical and political elite and their intelligence agency’s, and that they will only publish war propaganda to make the people support the third world war. This is why the main stream media is now trying to demonize Russia in every way.These plans include a nuclear war

, which will make a radioactive sandpile out of Sweden, while USA can defend themselves through their robot missile defence.

Carl Bildt, the Swedish lobbyist and representative for the war industrial complex, who was also a lobbyist for the war on Iraq, is now promoting the Third World War in mainstream media in Sweden. The Swedish mainstream media publishes the war propaganda without any critical questions, which makes it vital to question everything that the mainstream media writes about the war.

 “Wars exist because the divine
 essence of each human being are

not recognized.”

   – Swami Dhyan Giten

In December, 2014, the American House of Representatives voted for a resolution against Russia, which has been critized as a declaration of war against Russia.

These war plans against Russia began when the U.S. over thrown the democratically elected government in Ukraine in an secret operation by the CIA, the world’s largest  terrorist organization, and replaced it with a fascistic regime, a marionette for the U.S. 

The U.S. is no longer a democracy, but can described as a military dictatorship. The war industrial complex, which runs the foreign policy of the US, is now desperately trying to promote the third war by demonizing, lying and blaming Russia. We see the same aggression and lies from the U.S. that we have seen before against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Venezuela and Iran.

“But this time it will not work as the time for wars are over, says spiritual teacher and author Swami Dhyan Giten, “and many peace loving people are working against this kind of aggression.”


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