Mystery School: The Sacred Yes – 6-Month Transformation Programme with Swami Dhyan Giten, February – July 2015, in Stockholm

Innes, Giten och Mukta

Mystery School

Love – Awareness – Truth



During the Satsangs with Giten during the last 1,5 years in Stockholm, a deep silence and oneness have developed, and it felt like a modern mystery school of love and truth.

So Giten has decided to open Mystery School, which is a very loose organization to offer regular Satsang Intensives and weekends and longer programs for sincere seekers with a commitment for inner awakening and enlightenment. Some Satsang Intensives will only be open for seekers and meditators, who are part of the mystery school.

Deep within ourselves is the inner being, the authentic self, the inner silence and emptiness, where we already are one with Life.

Inituation, Toshen

The Sacred Yes: 6 Month Transformation Programme will be offered by the Mystery School, which will be open for both current participants of the Mystery School and for other seekers, who have a commitment to their spiritual growth and previous experience of meditation.

The Sacred Yes programme is a beautiful and mystical journey into our inner being during 6 months, where Giten uses silence, words and awareness to help us rediscover our authentic inner being, the capacity to surrender to life, where we find a joyful, alive and expanding relationship to Existence.

This program is an invitation to people who have sufficient life experience to discover their own authentic inner being.

In his past lives, Giten has travelled through many spiritual paths. In this programme he uses philosophy and spiritual methods from many traditions – Vedanta and The Upanishads, Patanjali, Tao och yoga, Buddhism, Sufism, Christianity, the seven chakras and seven energy bodies, modern psychology and Classic Eastern methods for meditation and awareness to guide the individual seeker in a way that relates to the seeker’s own spiritual path from path lives. This makes it easier to take new steps on the spiritual journey.

It is an invitation to the sincere seeker of truth.

Innes ock skrattande Mukta

The Sacred Yes consists of two Satsang series with Giten during February – July on Thursday evenings in Stockholm. The first Satsang series focuses on The Path of Wisdom – The Heart of Tibetan Buddhism and the second Satsang series will focus on Jesus, where Giten will talk about Jesus, the man, Jesus, the revolutionary and Jesus, the mystic. Giten will talk on Christ, not on Christianity. Giten makes a clear distinction between the rebel called Jesus Christ and the religion that followed after him – Christianity. Giten was a disciple of Jesus in a former Life, where he was thrown to the lions in Colosseum in Rome.

“I love when Giten talks about Jesus.”

– Prem Mukta

The Sacred Yes also consists of two 2-Day Satsang Weekends with Giten in 11-12 April on Tibetan Buddhism and in June on Jesus.

The 2-day Satsang Weekend is Giten’s invitation to everyone, who have the inner thirst and longing for a direct recognition that our heart is the door to our being, our inner “yes”-quality, our authentic self, the meditative quality within, the inner source of love and truth, the inner silence and emptiness, the capacity to surrender to life.


The 2-day Satsang Weekend with Giten is an opportunity for a direct insight and realization of being. To meet our inner being means to witness and affirm everything that we already are. It is to meet that that which is already perfect within ourselves.

The Sacred Yes also consists of three individual consultations with Giten.


TIME: February – July 2015.

PLACE: Farsta/Stockholm. 15 minutes from Stockholm city.

COST: 4.500:- – 450 EUR. The fee can be paid in two installments.

INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION: You registrate to the programme by booking the first individual consultation with Giten (1 hour/600:-). Booking:


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