Giten on Jesus

Giten Christmas Card

Giten on Jesus

from Satsang, May 7, 2015

“When I speak about Jesus Christ, I do not speak about Christianity.

Christianity has basically nothing to do with Jesus. The spirit of Christ can not be organized. Then it will not liberate you.

Christ is the very essence of religion. Christ is the culmination of all human aspirations. In Christ all the aspirations of humanity are fulfilled.

Christ celebrates life, he loves life, he is a song and a dance. He is also transcendental. When you come closer to him, you will find that his inner being is transcendence. You will meet the unknown, where the world disappears and God appears.

You can trust him, because he is like you. He is part of your suffering, pain and sorrow, but he is also transcendental.  That is why Jesus became a mile stone in the history of human consciousness.

Jesus lived and loved with truth and grace. Jesus being was truth and grace. Whenever truth is there, grace is there. And whenever grace is there, truth is there.

To come closer to Jesus, you have to find your own inner being, the kingdom of God. That is the whole message of Jesus.

Then you will find that God is eternal. God is the whole existence. His creativity is eternal.

God is creativity. God is not a person. God is existence, being. God is the energy that underlies all life, which is in the stones, in birds, in animals, in human beings and in the stars.”

– Swami Dhyan Giten







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