Giten on The Art of Living

Swami Dhyan Giten



From Satsang, May 15, 2015 


The Art of Living is to be yourself.

The Art of Living is to trust yourself.

The Art of Living is to learn to love and accept yourself.

The Art of Living is to be true to yourself.

Meditation is the way to learn The Art of Living.

The Art of Living is learning to live with love, awareness and truth.

Being is you. To discover your being is the beginning of life.

You can live in two ways:

1. Ego – effort and desire and

 2. Being – no-effort, being in a let go with existence.

Rgeligion is The Art of Living.

5 keys to The Art of Living:

1. Be life-affirmative. Life is synonymous with God.

Live with reverence, great respect and gratitude for life.

Feel thankful and prayerful.


2. Make life an heartful, easthetic experience.

Become more sensitive, sensous and creative – and you will become more spiritual.


3. Experience life in all possible ways.

Experience all dualities and polarities of life: good/bad, bitter/sweet, summer/winter, happiness/sadness and life/death.

Do not be afraid of experience, because the more experienes you have, the more spiritually mature you become.


4. Live in the present.

Forget the past and the future – this moment is the only reality.

This moment has to become your whole love, life and death.


5. Live courageously.

Do not become too result-oriented, because result-orinted people miss life.

Do not think of goals, because goals are in the future – and life is in the moment, in the here and now.


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