Yoga Innes, 5 months, the youngest participant in Satsang with Giten

Innes efter Satsang-bild




 ON JUNE  18, 2015, IN


Innes mother, Prem Mukta, took this picture of Innes after satsang, and commented: The eyes of the child when we left Giten on Thursday. Can she maybe have  been to Satsang?” 

Yoga Innes has participated in Satsang with Giten during 9 months before she was born and was still in the belly of her of her mother, Prem Mukta.

Giten talked about Innes before when he gave her an informal energy darshan and said that she is a developed soul: Giten ended a beautiful 2-day Satsang weekend in Stockholm on February 7-8, where a new born baby attended a few hours per day with her mother, Prem Mukta. This child has attended Satsang with Giten for almost 9 months, while she was still in her mothers belly, to get a taste of meditation before she was born 4 weeks ago.

During the 2-day Satsang weekend, Giten gave her an informal energy darshan, which was an initiation and a welcoming back to the spiritual path. He also talked about her name and her spiritual path in life by saying that yoga is her path in life, and that Innes – the personal name given by her mother, which means “an island” – could be summarized in the following meaning of her spiritual name Yoga Innes: being an island of silence through yoga and union.

The word “yoga” means union and Giten said that yoga can described as basic physical yoga, but that her path yoga also includes the last step of Yoga: samadhi, disappearing into the silence and being in union with life. He recommended her mother Prem Mukta to allow and encourage her to just be, to disappear into the silence, and he also recommended a meditation for her and the child to just be together in silence and meditation. Prem Mukta commented that meditation is the most beautiful gift you can give.

During the three hours that Yoga Innes attended the first Satsang day, she was totally content and silent. Her mother Prem Mukta also commented that after the first Satsang day, she got the first smile of utter contentment from Yoga Innes.
Prem Mukta also said about Innes: Innes showed to be the person that I had imagined. Secure, strong, wise and extremely communicative.

Giten said that Yoga Innes is already a developed soul and an advanced seeker and meditator, and that she has already been a seeker and meditator for many lives, so he said that he was not surprised that she has already participated in Satsang while she was still in her mothers belly to receive a first taste of meditation and come back to the spiritual path.Giten also said that Muktas own participation in Satsang and her own commitment to her spiritual growth had created the spiritual maturity to be able to attract a conscious soul like Innes. He also said that Innes had chosen Mukta as her mother, and that Mukta had also chosen Innes through her own spiritual growth.

 Giten said that Innes is now a pure being, a pure sky, but at a certain point she has to develop the mind, which will create a split between the being and the mind. But he said that the influence of her mothers spiritual understanding together with Innes own previous experience on the spiritual path, will allow her to stay in contact with her inner being, the meditative quality within, and make this transition a conscious experience.

Giten also said that it is quite astonishing that she attends Satsang for almost 9 months in her mothers belly – and it takes her four weeks after being born to be back in Satsang.


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