Satsang with Giten on Buddha: Silence is the Answer

Giten, högt gräs, namaste

Silence is the Answer


From Satsang Weekend with Giten on Buddha,

December 11-13, 2015, in Stockholm 


“Giten gave me life back. An awakening. I have seen the beauty in life, and I know that this is the way.

I like Giten a lot. He is fantastic. The presence and the impact he has on people. His wisdom and humor.”


– Prem Mukta, Artist & Music Management, Stockholm



”The satsang weekend with Giten was fantastic and made me aware that I have not really understood what meditation is before.” 


– Lotta Briné, director in rehabilitation and treatment, participant in Satsang weekend with Giten, December 11-13, 2015, Falkoping


Buddha said: if an evil-doer, seeing you practice goodness, comes and maliciously insult you, you should patiently endure it and not feel angry with him for the evil-doer is insulting himself by trying to insult you.


When you grow spiritually, you will find that many people will get upset with you, because your spiritual growth, your presence, your love, your joy, your silence, create a guilt, a resistance, in them.


A good man creates comparison in other people, which will hurt their ego.


A Jesus must be crucified, because his his love, his presence, his light, hurt the ego. A Socrates must be poisoned, because his truth and authenticity creates a comparison. It mirrors others lies and unauthenticity.


If you live with unconscious and unhealthy people, your consciousness and health is dangerous to them.


People will come an insult you, because you hurt their ego, you hurt their lies.


When people insult you, you should remain at your center, you should patiently endure the insult.


You should remain in your center, in your silence, and be aware and watch the insult. You should not be disturbed by the insult. If you are disturbed, the insulting person has defeated you.


You remain silent, collected and calm.


Buddha says just keep quiet, endure it, remain patient and do not get angry with the person. 


– Swami Dhyan Giten


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