Satsang with Giten on Buddha: The Eightfold Way – Right Intention

Giten, gräsmatta, magikertröja

Satsang with Giten on Buddha:
The Eightfold Way
From satsang with Giten, January 21, 2016, in Stockholm
2. Right Intention
We live with intentions, with desires.
Buddha says: Your frustrations comes from your intentions, from your desires.
If things are according to our intentions, then we will be happy. If things are not according to our intentions, then we are going to be unhappy and frustrated.
Our intentions seem to be going against reality.
If we drop our intentions, our desires, and just move moment-to-moment with reality, wherever it leads. Just float with the river of life and you will never be frustrated.
Frustration comes because of the conflict between our intentions and reality.
And reality is always going to win.
You cannot win against reality.
You can only win with reality.
Failure and success are indications to wheteher you are going against or with reality.
A man of understanding drops all his intentions. He has no private desires.
When you do not have any intentions, you have the right intention.
“Right intention” means no intention on your part.
Then the universe flows through you.
Then the universe goes on fulfilling it’s intentions through you.
You become a vehicle, an instrument for the universe.
Buddha says: The real religious person has no intentions of his own – and that is right intention.
He does not live a separate life.
He moves with the universe.
He is one with the universe.
He has no separate goals, no separate intentions.
The intentions of the whole is his intentions.
The man who has no intentions lives moment to moment.
He responds to the truth of the moment, he responds to the reality of the moment.
Then you are relaxed, you are not going anywhere, you are here and now.
Then the universe starts flowing through you.
You become an instrument, a flute for the universe to play it’s music.
– Swami Dhyan Giten

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