Satsang with Giten on Buddha: Paramitas – The Ten Provisions for the Inner Journey

Giten, gul tröja, högt gräs
Satsang with Giten on Buddha:

Paramitas – The Ten Provisions on the Inner Journey

From satsang with Giten on Buddha, February 4, 2016, in Stockholm

What are Paramitas? You will have to bring provisions for the inner journey, you have to carry provisions for the journey.


Buddha has called these provisions Paramitas.


The ten Paramitas are qualities, which will help you on the inner journey.


Paramita means that which can lead you beyond.


They have to be understood very deeply.




1. DANA: Generosity, sharing


The first Paramita is generosity, sharing.


Buddha says: Dana, generosity, sharing, has to be learned.


Learn to share as much as possible.


Share whatsoever you have to share.


Ordinarily the mind is a miser, the mind is not generous.


Miserliness is a close mind.


Miserliness is a separation from other people and from the world. It is a separation from life.


Generosity is to be open to the world. It is to be open to life.


Buddha says: The first Paramita of generosity, sharing, will help to lead you beyond.


Whether you share your love, your joy, your creativity, your experience, your meditation, your money, your house, your clothes or your body is not important. The important thing is the sharing.




The ordinary mind is hoarding. The mind have much involvement with your love, your body, your money and your house.


The mind clings to this shore of existence. All the hoarding of the mind belongs to this shore.


You cannot take anything with you from this shore, but you can learn to share. You can carry a generous and sharing mind. You cannot carry your money, but you can carry your love, your generosity and your compassion.




Buddha says: If you have love and compassion in your heart, existence will reflect you. Existence always reflects you. If you share, existence will share with you.


If you are miserly and hoarding, it means you are against existence, which is always sharing and celebrating.


The miserly and hoarding mind is afraid, it does not trust. It does not trust existence.


It trust things, it does not trust the whole, the infinite.


Buddha says: If you trust, then existence responds in the same way.


Existence is a mirror.


Buddha says: Be non-possessive; posses neither this shore nor the other shore of existence.


Be always sharing.




Buddha says: Shower your meditation. If you attain to meditative states, share it immediately.


A real meditative quality wants to be shared.


 If your meditation does not become compassion, then your meditation is not going right.


Buddha says: before death takes things away from you, share them.


People just want to have, but they do not want to give.


Buddha says: Learn give-think. Learn the ways of sharing and you will flower.


Then generosity will become your quality. It will become a quality of compassion on your path to truth, to enlightenment. 


– Swami Dhyan Giten




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