Satsang with Giten on Buddhistic Tantra, May 5, 2016

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Satsang with Giten on Buddhistic Tantra 

From satsang with Giten, May 5, 2016, in Stockholm 


“Satsang with Giten on Buddhistic Tantra has given me many deep insights into sex, love and meditation.” 

– Deva Emanuel, musician and participant in Satsang with Giten 


“Giten, you are always right. I love your new working style. You will now always be remembered as a right spiritual Master.” 

– Prem Pathik, India 


The temple that Buddha built concists of three floors. His teaching has three dimensions to it or three layers. 

You will have to be very patient to understand those these three layers, because they have been misunderstood many times. 

The first floor of Buddha’s teaching is known as Hinayana, the second floor is known as Mahayana, and the third floor is known as Vajrayana. Vajrayana is Buddhistic tantra. 

Hinayana means “the small vehicle”, the narrow way. 

Mahayana means “the great vehicle”, the wide way. 

Vajrayana means “the supreme vehicle”, the ultimate way. 


Hinayana relates to the body and sex, Mahayana relates to love and the heart, and Vajrayana relates to the ultimate, to meditation and enlightenment. 

Hinayana is the beginning and Vajrayana is the climax, the cresendo. 



Hinayana starts from where you are.  

Hinayana tries to help you to change your mechanical habits. 

It is like – like Hatha yoga – very body-oriented. It believes in great discipline. 

It is not repressive, but the whole work of Hinayana concists in changing your centuries old habits from many lives. 

Sex is the very basic problem. 

All the habits that man has created are basically sex-oriented. 

Sex seems to be the greatest power over man, and that is why no society allows sex total freedom. 

All cultures have tried in some way to control the sexual energy of man. 

You may eat, you may earn money, you may have power, but basically you are doing everything for sex. 

Somwhere deep down the goal and the reward are sex, and this pattern has to be changed, otherwise your energy will go on being drained, your energy will go on being dissipated. It will not rise upwards, it will not rise towards love, it will not rise towards meditation, it will not rise towards the divine. 

You are continously obsessed with sex. 

Hinayana tries to remove this obessession. 

Hinayana gives you a certain discipline for how to drop it. 

Hinanaya says that there are four steps to become aware of sex, to understand sex and to drop out of sex. 

The first step is called Puyrifying, which means to create a conscious relationship to sexuality. 

It means to accept, understand and to become aware of sexuality. It means to not being guilty about sexuality. 

It means to not run away from sex, and it means to not run after sex. 

It means to not be for sex or to be against sex. 

You have to move your total energy to understand sex, so that sexual habits developed in many lives no longer interfere. This is called purifying. 

You change your consciousness, you shift your attitude. You go from sexual obssession to awareness of sexuality. 

It means to try to understand sexuality, to live sexuality, to watch and observe sexuality, and by and by you will become aware of sexuality. 


– Swami Dhyan Giten


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