Swami Dhyan Giten: Silence is the Source of Healing

Sadhana(300dpi), Giten Art

Painting: SADHANA, Swami Dhyan Giten

Silence is the source of healing. When we bring things from within ourselves out into the light of awareness, a healing process happens. In the silence, we can let go of all anger, sadness, fear, loneliness and frustration.

Swami Dhyan Giten
Presence–Working from Within: The Psychology of Being

“It Is True”
Giten posted this painting and the quote on his Facebook-group and Giten’s friend Prem Pathik in Nepal shared it on his personal Facebook-page, so Giten sent him the painting in a file – and Giten got the following response from Prem Pathik:
“It is true.
That is why I shared it.
Thanks and love to you dear, Giten”
– Prem Pathik, Nepal

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