Darshan with Giten: Grace, Love and Truth Go Together – Initiation with Satayama Padma, 2016-10-07







NOVEMBER, 7,  2016 

Darshan with Giten with on November 7 was both a birthday and a new birth when Toshen’s birthday was celebrated and she was also initiated by Giten.  

Toshen is initiated and is born again to the spiritual path. Giten gave her a new name and a a personal meaning to her name, which is a spiritual guidance for life.

Giten told Toshen during the initiation: Your new name is Satyama Padma. Satyama is your path, which means truth. Padma is your individual name, which means a lotus flower of God’s grace, love and light. The meaning of your whole name is a lotus flower of God’s grace, truth, love and light.

The lotus flower is an ancient symbol of the ultimate unfolding of consciousness.

The lotus flower is the most beautiful flower in the East, the most fragrant, and it has become the symbol of ultimate awakening, ultimate awareness and ultimate flowering.

The highest peak of your being is thought to be like a lotus flower.

The lotus flower has become the spiritual flower for certain reasons. One is that it grows out of the mud. It is such a revolution to see the mud, and the lotus growing out of it.


Padma commented that the initiation was a gift and Deva Emanuel said that there was an underlying silence during the whole evening.

The birthday and initiation was celebrated with exquisite ecological cake and delicious ecological strawberry lemonade.

As birthday and initiation gifts Padma received a dress from the Italian designer Missoni, whose exquisite design and colours was like a lotus flower.  

She also received Giten’s book “The Language of Silence: From Darkness to Light” and two necklaces that emphasized the lotus as the symbol of enlightenment.

Padma commented that this initiation was a new beginning to her life.

Both Giten and Padma also received beautiful pink roses, whose fragrance was like a scent from heaven. 

The next darshan Giten will be a combined Christmas celebration with satsang in December.



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