Giten attacked by the Swedish sannyas movement – Brage Norin, Swedish professor in physics, calls the attack on Giten for “evil”

Giten, foto, gul tröja, sittande på gren


Giten reported the attack to the Swedish police, and a investigation was instigated. This investigation has now named 20 sannyasins, who was responsible for the attack.

Among the names of the attackers are several persons, who also was directly or indirectly responsible for creating the situation for the murder of the enlightened mystic Osho. Several of these people are part of the power group, who ran the now closed the Osho-center in Stockholm. A sannyasin, who attend satsang with Giten commented: “Jivan Kavya (the bussiness consultant Jivan Wells) (who worked closely with the notorious Sheela in USA) has always been a leader of the sannyas movement in Stockholm, but no one wanted her as a leader”.

None of these 20 people has taken any responsible for their action.

A judge will now evaluate if these sannyasins will be called to the police for questioning and trial.

“Continue to work despite the hate that is directed at you. The more hate you awake – the more dangerous you are viewed by the evil. It is a good grade.”

– Brage Norin, professor in theoretical physics, internationally recognzed researcher in climate change, representative to The Swedish Energy Commission in China, Consultant at The Swedish think tank Skogsa

“These people project their ideas, attitudes and judgements towards me without any awareness and intelligence, because they belong to a spiritual cult. But their projections has really more to do with themselves than with me. They also associate me with people, who I do not know and have nothing to do with.
Osho was treated in this way by the mainstream media and by the establishment, so in a way it is a compliment to be treated in this way. Truth has always been met with aggressiveness and violence, rather than with love and intelligence.”

– Swami Dhyan Giten

More than 20 years ago, one of my mentors in life said two things, that I have had reason to remember during the years that I have worked with people. He said: “Spiritual Masters teach on many different levels at the same time. Some people take what they can, and some take something deeper” and “Spiritual organizations also tend to get stuck in ideas of how it should be.”

― Swami Dhyan Giten, Presence – Working from Within. The Psychology of Being

“It is not many things that modern psychology agrees upon, but all the different approaches of psychology agrees on one thing: that people in groups become more stupid. Individually people are more intelligent, because they have to take their own responsibility, but in a group they do not have to take the same responsibility.
The two basic power strategies to try to manipulate and gain control over another person are: silencing and attacking. Silencing means to not listen to, to exclude or ignore and not respect a person. Attack can both mean to attack a person directly or to try to discredit a person through lies, to ridicule a person or by spreading malicious rumours.
All organizations are more or less dysfunctional. In a dysfunctional group, the members of the group play three different roles: agressor, denier and victim. The agressor is the role that attack and ridicule people, the denier never knows what is going on, there is “no body at home”, and the victim is the resultat of these two roles.
It is always easier to follow a group without awareness, than to follow your own heart, to trust your own intelligence, love, truth, silence and creativity.”

– Swami Dhyan Giten Presence – Working from Within:
The Psychology of Being

“A toxic personality is always looking at things in a negative way. The whole world view of the toxic personality is depressing, sad. The toxic personality hides in beautiful faces. A perfectionist is a toxic personality. You cannot say that something is wrong in a perfectionist, but the whole idea of being a perfectionist is to find errors, mistakes, loopholes. It is a trick. You cannot find any fault with a man who looks for perfection, but in fact that is not his goal; perfection is a device. He wants to look at loopholes, mistakes, errors, anything that is missing, and this is the best way – to keep a goal of perfection so that he can compare them with the ideal and always condemn.
This toxic personality always thinks of that which is not and never looks at that which is, so discontent becomes natural. A toxic personality poisons his own being; not only that – he drips poison.
And they are everywhere. These people tend to become teachers, educationalists, professors, vice-chancellors, saints, bishops, popes; they tend to become these things because then they can condemn. They are even ready to sacrifice everything if they are just allowed the joy of condemning others. They are everywhere, hiding in many ways. And they are always doing things for your good, for your own good, so you are defenceless against them. Their heritage is real, big. They have dominated the whole history.
These people immediately become dominators. Their very ideology helps them to dominate because they can become condemnators. And they talk in rational terms. Rationalism is also part of the T-personality. They are very argumentative, very difficult to defeat them in argumentation. They are never reasonable, but they are always rational.

– Osho

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