Comments from around the world after the attack on Giten from the Swedish sannyas movement

Giten, gultröja, namaste, closeup

Comments from around the world after Giten’s complaint to the Swedish police after the attack on him from the Swedish sannyas movement
“It took 10 years after Osho´s death for the sannyas movement to become a church. The problem now for the sannyas movement is that the intelligent people are leaving, and the idiots remain, which is already the case with the sannyas movement in Stockholm.
– Swami Dhyan Giten
– Devadas, Delsbo, Sweden
“It also proves that Giten is not only right on his way of teaching love, compassion and meditation for individal’s inner growth to make humanity beautiful and responsible. He is a true disciple of Beloved Master OSHO, who teaches and talks only TRUTH.
– Prem Pathik, Nepal
“Sad to hear, but no surprice really, these tendencies are in us all and everywhere. Spiritual ego is maybe the strongest.”
– Azman Hansraj Högberg, Sweden

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