Giten's birthday 2017, Giten

“During the 1-day satsang with Giten, I discovered a stronger joy and love that I have ever experienced in my life.”
– Deva Emanuel, musician, participant in 1-day satsang with Giten, 22 July, 2017
During the 1-day satsang, Giten lectured about the 3 steps to samadhi and enlightenment:
The first stage enlightenment: A Glimpse of the Whole

The first stage of enlightenment is short glimpse from faraway of the whole. It is a short glimpse of being.

The first stage of enlightenment is when, for the first time, for a single moment the mind is not functioning. The ordinary ego is still present at the first stage of enlightenment, but you experience for a short while that there is something beyond the ego. There is a gap, a silence and emptiness, where there is not thought between you and existence.

You and existence meet and merge for a moment. And for the first time the seed, the thirst and longing, for enlightenment, the meeting between you and existence, will grow in your heart.

2. The second stage of enlightenment: Silence, Relaxation, Togetherness, Inner Being

The second stage of enlightenment is a new order, a harmony, from within, which comes from the inner being. It is the quality of freedom.

The inner chaos has disappeared and a new silence, relaxation and togetherness has arisen.

Your own wisdom from within has arisen. A subtle ego is still present in the second stage of enlightenment.

The Hindus has three names for the ego:

1. Ahamkar, which is the ordinary ego.

2. Asmita, which is the quality of Am-ness, of no ego. It is a very silent ego, not aggreessive, but it is still a subtle ego.

3. Atma, the third word is Atma, when the Am-ness is also lost. This is what Buddha callas no-self, pure being.

In the second stage of enlightenment you become capable of being in the inner being, in the gap, in the meditative quality within, in the silence and emptiness. For hours, for days, you can remain in the gap, in utter aloneness, in God.

Still you need effort to remain in the gap, and if you drop the effort, the gap will disappear.

Love, meditation and prayer becomes the way to increase the effort in the search for God.

Then the second stage becomes a more conscious effort. Now you know the way, you now the direction.


3. The third stage of enlightenment: Ocean, Wholeness, No-self, Pure being

At the third stage of enlightenment, at the third step of Satori, our individual river flowing silently, suddenly reaches to the Ocean and becomes one with the Ocean.

At the third Satori, the ego is lost, and there is Atma, pure being. You are, but without any boundaries. The river has become the Ocean, the Whole.

It has become a vast emptiness, just like the pure sky. The third stage of enlightenment happens when you have become capable of finding the inner being, the meditative quality within, the gap, the inner silence and emptiness, so that it becomes a natural quality.

You can find the gap whenever you want. This is what tantra callas Mahamudra, the great orgasm, what Buddha calls Nirvana, what Lao Tzu calls Tao and what Jesus calls the kingdom of God. You have found the door to God. You have come home.

– Swami Dhyan Giten

The Art of Bliss: Vedic Tantra Yoga with Giten – Seven Tantric Keys to Love, Meditation and Awakening, October 7, 2017, in Stockholm

Inituation, Toshen

The Art of Bliss:

Vedic Tantra Yoga

Seven Tantric Keys to Love, Meditation and Awakening

An advanced satsang day with Giten 

Saturday, 7 October, 2017, in Stockholm

SWAMI DHYAN GITEN, spiritual teacher and author, has more than 30 years of experience in individual counseling and in teaching awareness and meditation. He is trained in both modern psychology and in classic Eastern methods for awareness and meditation.

In 1982, when Giten was 23 years old, he was directed by the Divine presence in a trance session with the American trance chancellor Lin David Martin: “You have listened to your intuition, to your true inner voice, more than most. You have been searching for the contact with the Spirit for a long time and now it is beginning to manifest on the outer plane. You have been gifted many times in previous embodiments and now everything will come rather easy for you. I want you to put your energy into the lives of others, because you can”.

A spiritual teacher, who have counselled thousands of people, told Giten in 1984: “You will dissolve into the silence. All the earlier enlightened Masters and all the small Deva’s are just here to help you to get enlightened.”

Participants in satsang with Giten have commented:

 “I have never felt such a strong process. I could never have imagined that the combination of ayurveda and satsang with Giten could start such a strong physical and spiritual process.”– Padma, participant in satsang with Giten

“It was fantastic wonderful to be in Giten’s presence.”– Charlotte Westh Kujawa, Los Angeles and Malmoe, participant in satsang with Giten, November 12, 2015, in Stockholm.

“When I participated in satsang with Giten for the first time, I felt that I had come to the right place. I felt that I had come home. I never thought that a 2-hour satsang could go so deep. The love that I found within myself during satsang with Giten just continued to flow a week after the satsang.”  –Iiris, special education teacher for autistic children and participant in satsang with Moji and Eckhart Tolle 

This advanced 1-day satsang with Giten on Vedic Tantra Yoga reflects a new perspective on Tantra, which shows how inner and higher Tantra practice relates to samadhi and awakening.

This advanced 1-day satsang offers a path of personal transformation focused on the connection between sexuality, spirituality and awakening.

The emphasis during this day is on transforming sexuality through sacred and ancient techniques into a spiritual experience.

During this day Giten will show seven tantric keys to love, meditation and awakening.

This advanced 1-day satsang on Vedic Tantra Yoga contain a wealth of deep spiritual wisdom from the ancient Vedic spiritual wisdom not easily available today.

During this day we will explore the following topics: meditation, honoring our inner man and woman, acquiring special knowledge about the navel chakra, the heart chakra and the crown chakra and understanding the three levels of Tantra: sex, love and prayer.


Satsang with Giten is a supportive and loving space, where Giten answers and guides sincere seekers of  love, truth and freedom into the direct experience and realization of being. 

This satsang day offers the opportunity for sincere seekers of love and truth to be immersed in the energy field of Satsang – of love, meditation and prayer, and without the usual demands, pressures and distractions of daily life and social interaction. Whilst silence means to keep quiet externally and refrain from contact with those around us, it also means to introvert our attention and rest it in being, in the heart.

Although this may initially bring some resistance, when one persists beyond this, the mind is absorbed into presence. 

This satsang day has the power to change your life.



TIME: Saturday, October 7, 2017. 10.00 AM – 18.00 PM. COST: 700 SEK – 70 EUR. Lunch is not included, but there are a lot of places around.

PLACE: Stockholm.

LANGUAGE: Swedish  REGISTRATION: Registration b October 1.  INFORMATION:  swami.dhyan.giten(a)

For participation in the advanced satsang day, you need to have participated in satsang with Giten before, or have enough experience of meditation, life experience and spiritual maturity to understand the sophistication of Giten’s work.

 Information & Registration: