Satsang Weekend with Giten Upanishads – The Eternal Wisdom The Message Beyond Words 1-3 December, 2017, in Stockholm

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Satsang Weekend with Giten


 – The Eternal Wisdom 

The Message Beyond Words

1-3 December, 2017

“Satsang with Giten is like a scent, a flowering of This is it.”

– Satyama Padma, Stockholm

“A wonderful satsang weekend with Giten. Giten do a fantastic work with satsang. Satsang with Giten is like satsang in India. Suddenly meditation is not dry and sterile, but an experience of love, silence and prayer, of being one with life.”

 – Satyama Padma, participant in satsang weekend with Giten, 8-10 september, in Stockholm

“Without Satsang with Giten, my life would not have found a real meaning.”

– Deva Emanuel, musician

“Satsang weekend with Giten was like coming home. I went into samadhi three times during the satsang weekend – and I also got a map and an understanding for how to go into samadhi again.”

  – Satyama Padma, participant in Satsang weekend with Giten, December 9-11, 2016, in Stockholm

The Upanishads are the essence of all religion. Really, they are not for the beginners, they are for those who have left the beginning far behind. They are for those who have been struggling for a long time – meditating, searching, inquiring. Only then can the Upanishads become helpful.

The Upanishads, the sacred writings of Vedic wisdom, predate recorded history. It is the first spiritual books written on this Earth. Since they were revealed to the Rishis, the enlightened masters, of the Vedic civilization some 5,000 to 10,000 years ago, many have come to regard them as perhaps the greatest of all the books in the history of world religions: the work that contains the kernel of the mystical and philosophical truths that form the basis of all religious thinking today.

The Upanishads are the most beautiful books ever written. The Upanishads includes both the path of meditation and the path of meditation which are the two paths to samadhi and enlightenment.  Giten will discuss The Upanishads in such a way that the reader can feel a sense of oneness beyond the apparent contradictions.

This satsang weekend with Giten is an introduction to the essentials of Vedic wisdom for blissful living and the eternal wisdom of the Vedic enlightened rishis. Giten will endeavor to explain not just the grand design of the universe, but also how the the teachings of the Upanishads can be used to lead a blissful life amid the present day chaos, stress and confusion.

The basis of this satsang weekend with Giten is a direct encounter with spirituality. There are no doctrines in it. Instead this satsang series is full of practical wisdom for those ready to embark on what has been called the journey to the source, to the source of their own being.

In this satsang weekend Giten takes the Upanishads and responds to it in a way that helps present-day seekers penetrate their unconscious and find the truth within themselves. This uncovering of the self is the ultimate alchemy.

In this satsang weekend Giten describes, step by step, the search within, the search for the essence, for what is divine within man. This essence is variously known as the self, the atman, the soul, in the ancient teachings of earlier Masters.
Giten says that he warn you in advance that to involve oneself in the teachings of the Upanishads is like playing with fire. An Upanishad cannot be understood without you also becoming transformed.
In understanding the Upanishads, doors will open to the most profound understanding known to the genius of man. The Upanishads is the secret of secrets, the mystery within all mysteries, the essence of essences. 

 Contained in this satsang weekend are many alchemical secrets—secrets of “the ultimate alchemy,” the alchemy of purifying man’s gross nature into the pure gold of cosmic consciousness. Many meditation techniques are shown along the way, many efforts to make us aware of our unconscious condition, the source of all our dis-ease.

Giten will also talk about Vedanta, which is the world’s oldest meditation path. Vedanta is the philosophy of self-realization and samadhi. Vedanta is a philosophy of Self-realization and samadhi, and its practice is Self-realization through yoga, awareness and meditation. Vedanta revolves around one premise: re-establish the silence at the core of our being.  In Vedanta, silence is understood as our own human consciousness – which resides in our hearts and pervades everything in the universe. Vedanta sees pure unity or oneness as the supreme principle in existence. Vedanta meditation aims at returning to this original state of unity and oneness with life, in which all beings abide in the Self within the heart. It takes us direct to the divine presence in the heart.

Vedanta says that the individual soul is one with God. Vedanta says that our true Self, Atman, the inner being, the soul, is our divine nature. The same consciousness that resides at the core of our being pervades the entire universe. It pervade in the flowers, the animals, the stones, the mountains and the stars. To know ourselves is to know God and to become one with God.

Vedanta is generally private, emphasizing individual practice more than group practice. However meditation sessions do occur as part of the satsangs or gatherings that are common in the tradition.

Giten unveils the secrets of Vedanta meditation from which all other meditation systems have emerged. Vedanta is the famous “direct path to enlightenment” of Vedic science, the world’s oldest science of consciousness. Vedic science offers the wisdom of the ancient enlightened masters of India. Vedanta, the path of self-realization, is the spiritual support and goal of the related Vedic disciplines like Ayurveda, yoga and Vedic astrology. Vedanta is the essence and the end of the ancient wisdom of Vedic science of consciousness. Giten will reveal the deepest secrets of the ancient wisdom of Vedanta, which reveals the steps to meditation, spirituality and Samadhi. Giten will also talk about the Vedantic perspective on the important prime issues of the spiritual path, the challenges of awareness, the practice of meditation and the Vedantic view of consciousness and cosmic evolution.


Satsang with Giten is a meeting in love, truth and silence. Satsang with Giten is a direct insight and realization of being.

These satsang weekend also works as a prolonged shaktipat (transmission of spiritual energy), which both creates immediate result – together with effect that becomes obvious during the coming weeks and months after the intensive. When Giten pursued an advanced training in spiritual healing in USA 1984, he was told that he had the capacity to become a seventh chakra healer, a spiritual healer, to act as a catalyst and channel for spiritual energy from the seventh chakra through the heart. The last 30 years has meant to develop and deepen this capacity to an instrument of subtle catalytic effect, which Giten uses in this Satsang series.

Satsang with Giten gathers people from all walks of life. During the last two satsangs seekers and meditators, psychotherapists, medical doctors, nurses, Ayurvedic healers and doctors, film makers from the Swedish television and musicians and music teachers have gathered.


SWAMI DHYAN GITEN, spiritual teacher and best-selling author, has more than 30 years of experience in individual counseling and in teaching awareness and meditation. He is trained in both modern psychology and in classic Eastern methods for awareness and meditation in USA, Italy, Sweden and India.

Giten experienced his first satori, his first glimpse of spiritual awakening, when he was 9 years old. This created a deep thirst and longing in his heart and being to return to this natural and effortless experience of being one with the Whole.

Swami Dhyan Giten has dedicated his life to teach the art of awareness and meditation. He conducts individual consultations, seminars and courses internationally. His quotes, articles and books have touched the hearts of thousands and are appearing with increasing frequency in magazines, blogs and websites.

Since he began to meditate when he was 15 years old, he has dedicated his life to the study and exploration of the inner journey in order to move out of his own way, to be in a flow, and to discover the authentic inner being, the meditative quality within, the inner silence and emptiness, the capacity to surrender to life.

He does not belong to any spiritual group or tradition; he is only interested to explore what it means to live with open eyes.

Giten’s first professional passion when he was 15 years old was to become an actor. After training as an actor, he worked as an actor until he was 23 years old. Working as actor taught him a lot about life and to emphatically understand the situation and life of other people, since acting is really a spiritual occupation. It taught him about spirituality, since working as an actor means to play a role totally, while at the same time as you know deep down that you are not the role you are playing. After working as an actor for a number of years, Giten began to understand that his early passion for theatre was really an unconscious search for a spiritual discipline. When he realized this, he began to feel a thirst to work with people in a more direct way in awareness and meditation.

In 1982, when Giten was 23 years old, he was directed by the Divine presence in a trance session with the American trance chancellor Lin David Martin: “You have listened to your intuition, to your true inner voice, more than most. You have been searching for the contact with the Spirit for a long time and now it is beginning to manifest on the outer plane. You have been gifted many times in previous embodiments and now everything will come rather easy for you. I want you to put your energy into the lives of others, because you can”.

Giten’s student and beloved friend, Satyama Padma, went to see a medium for a consultation. Somehow, they began to talk about Giten and the medium, who had never met Giten, said: “Giten is an old soul.”

His three creative areas to express the mysteries of meditation in outer form are teaching, writing and painting. His meditative art is internationally recognized and have been nominated for the international art exhibition The Florence Biennale in Italy, which is arranged in cooperation with The United Nations.

He is author of the best-selling book in Swedish Meditationens Sång – Om meditation, relationer och andlig kreativitet (Solrosens forlag, 2001, available from Internet book store Adlibris:, and The Silent Whisperings of the Heart – An Introduction to Giten’s Approach to Life (2008, available as paperback at Internet book store, Presence – Working from Within. The Psychology of Being (2011, available as paperback at Internet book store, Meditation – A Yes to Life, Healing Is Pure Love, Presence – The Inner Source of Love, Truth and Wholeness and The Language of Silence – From Darkness to Light (available in paperback at The last four books are also available as free e-books at the award winning book site His latest book has just been published, “Silence is the Way: The Teachings of Buddha” (available at Lulu:

Swami Dhyan Giten has been accepted as Goodreads author on the international book site Goodreads with 40 million users together with best-selling spiritual author Paulo Coelho, # 1 New York Best-selling author Alyson Noel and award winning author Margaret Atwood (

Recommendations, quotes and discussions of Giten’s articles and books and its content are also beginning to appear with increasing frequency in magazines and on sites ranging from The Times of India, the largest daily English newspaper in the World, USA Today, the largest daily newspaper in the US, the US news site Newsblaze, Edge Life Magazine, a leading source for psychology, education and world transformation in the US, and Sentient Times Magazine to the large Internet communities, a large Internet community for young people, Wasteland, the American online magazine Alternative Approaches,,,, newsletters of American High tech companies to small discussion forums and blogs focused on spirituality, health, art and literature.



TIME: 1-3 December, 2017

   PLACE: Stockholm. COST: 1100 SEK – 110 EUR. REGISTRATION: Registration before 25 November to: COURSE LANGUAGE: Swedish INFORMATION:

Previous experience of of meditation is recommended for participation. 

  Read more about satsang with Giten on The Giten Blog:



























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