Giten’s Birthday Celebration with 1-Day Satsang, 12 May, 2018, in Stockholm


Giten's birthday, 2018, vitsippor+i profil

Giten in samadhi during his birthday, 2018

Giten’s birthday celebrated with 1-day satsang on 12 May, 2018

“Thank you for a wonderful birthday satsang.”

– Deva Emanuel, participant in 1-dag Satsang day on Giten’s birthday 

Giten’s birthday was celebrated on 12 May with 1-day-satsang and and a whole day about the Upanishadic path to samadhi.

Giten's birthday, 2018, Giten+Vatten During this satsang day Giten talked about the Upanishadic path of how to enter into the supreme truth, how one may know the supreme mystery and the process of how one may reach it. 


Giten's birthday, 2018, solros

 During his birthday, Giten received a beautiful yellow sun flower and a new CD player for satsang with exquisite sound.  




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