Initiation with Giten: “One who is reminded of the divine through every experience attains to the way of liberation”

Deva-inititaion + Giten + mala

Skrattande Deva

Initiation with Giten


Josefairy receives a new name during initiation with Giten during satsang weekend, 23-25 November, in Stockholm.

Giten said that her new name is Shanti Deva, which means peace through God, through the divine.

Giten also said to Deva that when you become a total silence, a total emptiness, only then liberation happens.

Satsang and Padma Death Anniversary Celebration with Giten, 7 November, 2018, in Stockholm


Satsang and 

Padma Death Anniversary Celebration

with Giten

7 November, 2018

“Thank you for a wonderful
evening. What a flow there was during
the evening. I just smiled the whole walk
through the town after the evening.”
– Deva Emanuel 
Padma 1962 – 2017
International Tributes:
“A lovely woman”
Archan James, director (film), who
worked with Padma in a spiritual
commune in Cologne, Germany
“Oh yes, Padma. She was living with us
in Purnam D‘dorf-Community in the
eighties. Have a beautiful journey,
Padma! We love you.
Brigitte Arupa Kaiser, Cologne, Germany
“I will never forget her.”
Kalyani, accomplished violin player,
participant in satsang with Giten,
Stockholm, Sweden
Original Music dedicated
to Padma composed by the musician and
student of classical music Deva Emanuel,
which includes the text
from Padmas initiation
with GitenSatyama Padma, The lotus of

god’s grace. Satyama the truth which is your path. A Lotus revolution transforms the mud. The Padmic lotus dance in love and truth when god takes your hand”

Padma, Anniverssary, 2018
Padma received a beautiful flower in green and red, which looks like a lotus  flower. Padma means “lotus flower”

As a tribute to Satyama Padma, who walked the path of truth, Giten talked about the two paths to truth and how to experience truth. Giten said: “When you are, truth is not. When you are not, truth is.”

Padma also received a beautiful flower in green and red, which looks like a lotus flower. Padma means “lotus flower”

The evening continued with silent satsang with Giten, which ended in deep silence.

The evening ended with exquisite blueberry cake, ecological strawbery lemonade and delicious Amarone della Valpolicella, Italian wine.

More International Tributes

“I remember Padma from Cologne , D’dorf

Ra Ni Sunrise, India

Ernst-Peter FlintMERU University, Seelisberg Switzerland