During the evening spiritual teacher Swami Dhyan Giten talked about what a mystery school is and the three steps that a sincere seeker of truth goes through.
After the lecture, there was silent satsang with Giten, where a deep silence happened. The evening ended with celebration with delicious mango juice and muffins.
“It has really happened things with Giten, who I have known for more than 30 years. He has both the silence and the mind to explain the spiritual path.
I thought the other day that I have actually taken initiation into the spiritual path from Giten, which would not have happened before, but which just happened now. I always become so happy now when people call me my new name Padma, which means “lotus flower”.
– Satyama Padma, participant in satsang with Giten
Swami Dhyan Giten, thank you for such a beautifull explanation of the experience & place of God in our own existence.
This is one of the most beautiful and powerful descriptions of the existence of God in our lives, that I can honestly say I have encountered throughout many years of searching & looking for SOMETHING, that makes any sence. Also your description of the Divine within, has left me eager for more.
Bless You.
– Clifford Dent, trained in cultural anthropology and developmental psychology at Oxford Brookes University, London, England
What is a mystery school? The Mystery school teaches you how to live. The whole work of The Mystery School is to help you to find yourself, to find your authentic inner being. The work of the mystery school is to wake the student up and to allow him to be himself.
Satyama Padma, participant in satsang with Giten, and the last person to leave the funeral of the mystic Osho, said that her experience of spiritual organizations is that people tries to impose themselves on others and aggressively tries make each other somebody else, but in satsang she found a freedom to be herself. The satsang participant Deva Emanuel commented that he would not have stayed in satsang if it was not for the atmosphere and climate of love. He also says that satsang is a mystery school.
A mystery school is a place, where love is taught. It is a place where love is nourished. It is to make your love pure – without ego, power and domination – just a sheer gift of joy a delight in the being of the other person.
The mystery school is the way of the Upanishads. The word Upanishad means “to be near, to be close”, which is the heart of satsang. The word Upanishad means to be in the presence of the spiritual teacher and to take in his silence. That is the essence of the work of a mystery school. The mystery school manages to create a certain field of energy and if you are receptive, if you are available, if you are ready to go on the journey of the unknown.
The spiritual teacher simply provides a system to enter slowly into the deep waters and ultimately to enter a stage, where you disappear into the ocean; you become the ocean itself.
To become a part of a mystery school is a great benediction. It is very difficult to find a mystery school to find people who are searching and not imposing themselves on each other, but only helping each other if the need is there.
The whole work of the mystery school to let your ego dissolve and to help you into a deep let-go with existence. To be initiated into mystery school simply means that now you are taking the first step towards actualizing your potential for freedom. He is Buddha, he is a Christ; then he lives in freedom.
In this satsang series we will explore the five levels of the human consciousness: 1. The body 2. The mind 3. The heart 4. The being and 5. The Universal consciousness. These are the five levels that a sincere seeker develops through.
In this satsang series, we will also explore the work of a mystery school. We will explore topics like love, trust, intuition, courage, fear, the ego, meditation, creativity, freedom, doing and non-doing, death, the relationship between the spiritual teacher and the student, silence, enlightenment, life and existence.
The Mystery School is the science of meditation: how to observe the mind and its processes min a relaxed, non-judgmental way and the find the perception and clarity of self-realization. Meditation is a way of settling in oneself, at the innermost core your being. Once you have found the center of your existence, you will have found both your roots and wings. The roots are in your inner being and existence and the wings are in the fragrance that is released in contact with existence.
The fragrance consists of love, freedom, compassion, authenticity, sincerity, humor and a tremendous feeling of blissfulness. The roots make you an individual, and the wings give the freedom to love, to be creative, to share unconditionally the joy that you have found.
The mystery school is supported by silent satsang, which is a direct insight and realization of being.
– The Three steps to Truth
What are the three stages that a seeker of truth moves through? What are the student, the disciple and the devotee? There are three stages that a seeker of truth moves through: 1. student, 2. disciple and 3. devotee.
1. The student
What is the student? The inquiry of the student is mental and intellectual. He or she wants to gather information and a little knowledge about what truth is about. His or her inquiring is only superficial.
The student wants information. The student has a lot of questions, but he or she has not the commitment to hear the answers.
The student is not aware that he is only a student. The student thinks that he or she is a disciple, a seeker of truth, but his function is absolutely unconscious.
The student comes almost accidentally. Perhaps he or she has read a book, an ad, or perhaps a friend talked to him or her and the student became curious, but curiosity cannot make you committed and devoted for a long journey to truth.
The student is unripe; he or she runs here and there in a search for information and knowledge.
The student has no real thirst. The student has no real commitment to meditation.
The student’s inquiring and questions are not a question of life and death.
The student goes from one teacher to another teacher collecting words, theories, systems and philosophies.
2. The disciple
What is the disciple? The second category is the disciple. The disciple’s inquiry is of the heart, not of the head.
The disciple really wants to know the truth, not just theories and knowledge about truth. The disciple wants to experience truth.
The disciple is not satisfied with mere information and knowledge, the disciple wants an authentic experience, the disciple wants truth. Hence the disciple moves on a different plane than the student.
The student collects information, the disciple asks for personal transformation.
The student gets in tune with the spiritual teacher, and begins to hear that which is not said. He or she begins to hear beyond the words.
The disciple begins to develop a trust.
He or she does not want more information; he or she wants a method. He or she wants meditation.
The disciple begins to find his aloneness, to be with himself or herself in meditation.
3. The Devotee
What is the devotee? The third category consists of the devotee. The inquiry of the devotee is of the being.
The devotee is one for whom the transformation has happened, who have come to experience and who have found a glimpse of truth.
The disciple is still seeking, the devotee has arrived.
Only a disciple can become a devotee.
The student cannot become a devotee, first he has to become a disciple.
Aloneness is the peak of discipleship and the bridge to devotion.
Devotion is a way of merging and melting into existence. It is an intimate relationship between the individual and existence.
The devotee’s heart responds to the fragrance of the flowers, to the song of the birds and to the silence of the night.
Devotion is the death of the personality, of the ego.
Devotion is no-self, silence and emptiness.
Devotion is the highest form of love.
Devotion is to find the immortal, the deathless within.
The devotee finally merges and melts into existence.
And the only thing that can really make you a disciple and ultimately a devotee is meditation.
One has to learn how to be silent, calm and quiet.
And when meditation is complete, you are transformed into a devotee. Then the whole world is divine.
For a devotee all is God, except for God, nothing exists.
The third gap – from the student to the disciple – is the largest gap.
When you are a disciple, then it is not difficult to be a devotee.
The first change from disciple is radical, the second change is gradual. It comes on its own accord.
The disciple one day naturally becomes a devotee.
Life is fulfilled when you become a devotee. When the trees and the mountains all represent one reality, one God.
Then you have come home.
– Swami Dhyan Giten
To celebrate the inauguration of The Mystery School, we give you a gift in the form of Giten’s book “The Language of Silence” as a free Ebook, which can be downloaded on the award-winning American booksite Obooko.
The Language of Silence: From Darkness to Light
by Swami Dhyan Giten
* * * * *
Five stars, Goodreads,
the world’s largest book site for readers and book recommendations with 45 million users
“I was 9 years old when I had my first spiritual awakening, my first glimpse of wholeness with Existence, my first taste of the language of silence, says spiritual teacher and best-selling author Swami Dhyan Giten in this book. This created a deep thirst and longing in his heart and being to return to this natural and effortless experience of being one with the Whole.
I have always had the capacity to go within myself and to discover the silence within, the inner meditative quality, the inner source of love and truth, the inner language of silence”, Giten explains in this book. “Now I also notice that this silence is going deeper, and that I go beyond the ego and disappear into the silence. “
This book consists of a collection of quotes from Swami Dhyan Giten on silence. It also explains how silence is the flower and love and wholeness are the fragrance.
Swami Dhyan Giten has dedicated his life to teach the art of awareness and meditation. He conducts individual consultations, seminars and courses internationally. His quotes, articles and books has touched the hearts of thousands and are appearing with increasing frequency in magazines, blogs and websites.
“As I started studying for Giten, a new dimension of awareness has developed step by step, which has transformed my whole life. Thank you so much Giten for your wonderful being and support in life.”
– From the foreword by Deva Emanuel, musician and student of Giten since 6 years.
“Swami Dhyan Giten’s The Language of Silence — From Darkness to Light reminds me of those moments when we drift back from sleep to wakefulness and the precious insights that quite often occur in those instants of ”awakening.”
It is my own experience that all spiritual paths have a common thread which most simply stated is: unconditional self acceptance. It is this process or journey toward self acceptance that leads to our connection with our individual aloneness and silence about which Giten so beautifully often comments. Here Giten tells us we find our true heart, that love that becomes our healer and a healing presence that projects beyond ourselves and heals and nourishes the lives of all others with who we have contact, be they friends, strangers or even our pets.
Giten’s The Language of Silence is a beautifully expressed and highly intimate picture of his own spiritual history. While reading this book which is formatted in short segments and insightful phrases and a true delight to read and sure to later re-visit, I had the sense of listening to his open heart as it gave words to his personal silence.
Giten offers us a quite intimate connection with his inner being and thus a glimpse of the beauty within ourselves.”
– Eric Rolf, international lecturer, author of Soul Medicine and former consultant to John Lennon
Download the free Ebook on Obooko:
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