Giten: The inner being is like a small, individual river flowering towards the Ocean.

Giten vid sjö

“Meditation expands our inner being. The inner being is like a small, individual river flowering towards the Ocean.

In meditation, I feel how my inner being expands into an inner ocean, which is part of everything, which is one with Existence.

Through the inner being, we come in contact with the inner ocean, the undefined and boundless within ourselves, where we are one with life. We realize that God is part of life.

We realize that God is not a person, but the consciousness that is part of everything. We find God in a flower, in a tree, in the eyes of a child or in a playful dog.

Through discovering our inner being, we discover that we are also part of the flower, the child or the dog. We realize that God is everywhere.”

― Swami Dhyan Giten,

Presence – Working from Within. The Psychology of Being

The Sacred Yes


The Sacred  Yes 


From satsang with Giten,

12 September, 2019, in Stockholm


To be with a spiritual teacher is to be in a yes-quality.

This is what is meant by openness, trust and receptivity.

It is to let our heartbeat say yes.


There are people who automatically say no to everything, there are people who sometimes say yes and sometimes say no – and there are those whose yes is unconditional.

People who are too much attached to their no and who say no to everything are not open and spiritually mature for a spiritual teacher.

Only those that are spiritually mature enough to say yes unconditionally are open for a spiritual teacher.

–  Swami Dhyan Giten