Bliss of Being: Joy that comes from Within with Giten, 14-15 December, 2019, in Stockholm

Giten leende, Gitens födelsedag, 2019

Bliss of Being

Joy that comes from Within


14-15 December, 2019, in Stockholm

“Satsang with Giten is heaven.”

Satyama Padma

“Satsang with Giten is magical. Thanks for this gift.”

– Deva Emanuel


Joy and happiness is a state of consciousness, a state of our being, which is not dependent on other people and outer circumstances.

 To be joyful is the basic nature of life. Joy is the spiritual dimension of happiness, in which one begins to understand one’s intrinsic value and place in the universe.

Accepting joy is a decision to “go with the flow,” to be grateful to be alive and for all the challenges and opportunities in life, rather than setting conditions or demands for happiness.

Joy is the essence of our life. Giten shares a unique perspective of accepting joy by being grateful for our life with its challenges and opportunities rather than placing a demand or setting conditions for it.

Giten urges us to reconnect with the natural joy that we were born with, and that is available to us the moment we turn our attention to the silent space within.

Joy and bliss means you have reached to the depth of your inner being. The being belongs to the depth of your being where even the ego is no more, where only silence prevails; you have disappeared. In joy you exist a little bit, but in bliss you are not. The ego has dissolved; it is a state of nonbeing.

In this course with Giten we will examine the nature of joy from a radically different perspective. We will examine joy as the essence of life. We will examine how to accept joy by being grateful to be alive and for the challenges and opportunities in life.

In this course we will examine joy and happiness as a state of consciousness, a state of being, which is not dependent on other people and circumstances, understanding the roots of unhappiness and misery, how joy is to enter into one’s own self, which is to move from unhappiness to joy and happiness and how misery is an identification with our ego and how bliss is connected with egolessness.

This course is supported by satsang with Giten, which is a direct insight and realization of our being, our inner source of joy and bliss.


TIME: 14 -15 December, 2019

PLACE: Stockholm.

PRICE: 1200:- -120 EUR




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