Swami Dhyan Giten: Be Authentic and Listen to Yourself

Giten, foto, meditation, gul tröja

Be Authentic and Listen to Yourself



“Be truthful to yourself.

You do not need to change anybody else. If you can grow yourself that is enough.

To be authentic means to be true to your own being.

Always listen to your inner voice; otherwise your whole life will be wasted.

Don’t allow anybody else to try to manipulate and control you.


To be authentic means to be true to oneself.

Truth means the authenticity of being, not imposing anything that you are not.

Truth means not to pretend, just be whatsoever you are.

It is to be authentic, true and respectful to your own soul.

Risk everything for truth, otherwise you will remain discontented.


Even a single moment of authenticity is better than a whole life of inauthentic living.

Love is only possible with the truth. Love has to be lived; otherwise your life will be futile.

Risk everything for truth. Never risk truth for anything else.

Then tremendous happiness will be yours.

Once you are true, everything becomes possible.

It is not always easy to be true to oneself, but whenever people do it they achieve such beauty, grace and contentment.

Always listen to the inner voice, and don’t listen to anything else.


The world is a supermarket, and everybody is interested in selling things to you. The society wants to make you a hypocrite.

Just close your eyes and listen to the inner voice.

That is what meditation is all about, to listen to the inner voice.”

– Swami Dhyan Giten


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