Swami Dhyan Giten: The World is Coming to an End: Remain Awake

The world is running fast toward the end. The ecology of the planet is breaking down. This should be absolutely emphasized on your consciousness, so that you stop postponing your own transformation.

Man is asleep, he is almost in a coma, and his actions are arising out of this state of coma. Man’s mind is so stupid that if there is a little possibility to postpone, then he will postpone for tomorrow. You may go on sleeping and the world may come to an end.

You don’t have time to waste for anything else other than your own awakening, but your growth is so slow that there is every possibility that the world will be gone before you become enlightened.

You are not putting your total energy into awareness, into meditation. It is just one of those things that you are doing and it is not even the first priority of your life.

It has to be the first priority. That the world is coming to an end has to be emphasized on your consciousness, so that you stop postponing your own awakening.

Nothing has changed in the world; everything is going exactly in the direction of war and death. It all depends on what your priority is. If being awakened has become your priority, and you are ready to sacrifice everything for it, then there is hope.

To wake up, you have to realize that the end of the world is coming closer. That the end of the world is coming closer means to things: it must be clear that the world is working for its final suicide and that there is still a possibility at least for you to become awakened.

Your awakening is of tremendous importance. To make you aware of the reality, so that you can make some effort to remain awake, to make some effort to be more conscious and not to get lost in trivia – is absolutely necessary.

But people change with difficulty; they find it easier to remain as they are – just like stones.

Change means an effort, a commitment, to awaken to your being – and not waste it in stupid things.

If you put your total energy into moving more consciously, the destruction of the earth will not be your destruction. Then you have found the key to a higher life, to a divine life. 


There has never been in the whole history of humanity such dangerous moments as those that we are passing trough now.

There is no time of consoling yourself that some miracle will happen.

The ecolology of the earth is breaking down, and there are multi-dimensional ways that death is approaching the earth.

But people change with difficulty; they find it easier to remain as they are.

The arrogance and the stupidity that my first words on this current dangerous crisis arose in many people is just a rationalization and a denial, so you don’t have to change and you can continue in your fixed and mechanical patterns of life.

On the so-called spiritual site on Facebook “The Buddha in the gas station”, there was not much Buddha’s but a lot of gas station, where 30 Americans projected their sleep and stupidity towards and called me all the names in the book.

I am not responsible for this situation; I just make the current dangerous situation clear.

The arrogance and denial is just your unconsciousness that does not want to change and disappear.

There is no time to waste in unconscious rationalization and denial.

An absolute transformation is needed, which may help you to wake up. 


The emphasis to save the earth is to discover our love, joy and silence.

Your love, joy and silence can save the earth, but that does not mean to carry the idea that your love, joy and silence can save the earth, because this becomes a strategy of the ego.

If you are full of love, joy and silence, the earth can maybe be saved as a consequence.

If you come from enlightenment and bliss, you are bound to affect the whole destiny of humanity.

The greatest miracle in the world is that you can disappear in the joy; you can love and disappear in the love.

You cannot claim that you are doing it, because you have disappeared.

And only joy, love and silence create miracles around you, but you will not be the one who has done them.

They will happen only when you are not, they will only happen when you have moved out of your own way, and allow them to happen.

– Swami Dhyan Giten


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