An excerpt from Giten’s new book “You are Already a Buddha: A New Way of Being, A New Way of Living”

The book is available globally on Amazon.

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“Best reading Giten’s new book “You are Already a Buddha”! THANK YOU FROM THE HEART!”

– Rani Spets Edgren, Breath Therapist, Stockholm


The Silent Revolution of the Heart -The Challenge for the 21st Century

“I am deeply impressed by Giten’s profeties. Such a clear sighted spirituality in combination with a historic insight – is very rare.
Furthermore, Giten do not walk in fear!”

– Brage Norin, professor in theoretical physics, international researcher in climate change, representative for The Swedish Energy Commission to China, consultant at the Swedish think tank Skogsa

The World is Coming to an End: Remain Awake

The humanity is waiting to become Conscious, to become Buddhas


-From Fear to Love, from Darkness to Light and from Separation to Wholeness

The challenge for the 21st century is The Silent Revolution of the Heart. It is not a revolution within an organization or a land in the traditional sense with violence, madness and bloodshed. It is a revolution in human consciousness.
The power chakra is the center of the ego, the separated sense of “I”. The power chakra is about control, power and dominance over other people. A person who is on the development level of the power chakra wants to change other people, but he does not want to change himself.

Ordinary relationships are often power relationships, which is a fight and struggle between the partner’s needs and mine. Often the partner in a power relationship has the same strength to develop the power chakra.The society is created out of the ego, and the need of the ego to create a hierarchy with power, status, respect, position, norms, roles and conformity.

Many people in the West live in the power chakra, and are occupied with competing with others, to prove that they are somebody important, and finding their place in the hierarchy. During the 20th Century has the psychological development level of humanity been on the awareness level of the power chakra. The focus of humanity has been on power, dominance, position, money and control over energy resources.

We are technologically developed and this technology governs the development of the society, but this technology is at the same time destroying the earth. Energy resources are also a distinguishing theme in the power balance between countries.

Acting aggressively has its roots in fear, judgments and insecurity. Violence and aggressiveness is about control and dominance over another person. To judge and to be loving is two sides of the same coin. Judgments about another person are really about yourself.

When we stop judging others and ourselves, our hearts opens. The heart is a healer that transforms fear to love, judgments to acceptance and separation to wholeness. The heart heals.

The 21st century means an inner awakening. It means a time to grow up. Many people talk about spirituality, meditation and inner development but it does not seem to change their lives. Our spiritual development depends on our commitment to our own development. We can use our free will to take on the challenge of life to grow or we can choose not to grow. This is the freedom that life gives us and it our own responsibility, but it seems that it is few people that accept life’s challenge to grow.

The 21st century represents a choice between the separation of ego and the vision of the heart. The silent revolution of the heart is a shift in human consciousness from the shortsighted perspective of the ego of “me” and “mine” to the focus of the heart on love and the needs of the other. It is a shift in consciousness from the shortsighted separation of the ego to the vision of the heart.

When we follow the way of the ego, the path of endless desires, it leads to struggle, conflict, exhaustion and separation from the Whole. The way of the heart is about learning to listen to our heart, to our inner source of love, joy, truth and wisdom. It is to be in a deep harmony with Existence.

When our heart is closed it creates an isolated and lonely feeling together with the attitude: “Nobody loves me”, “nobody cares about me” and “life is a struggle”, which makes us not see the love that is all around us.A silent revolution of the heart happens when we start to care about another person, and it is a joy to put the needs of the other person before our own needs. It is on the awareness level of the heart that we begin to develop the sensitivity and awareness that makes us care about another person.

The heart operates from the premises: I am responsible and only love works.Love is to eat pizza with our beloved partner even though we hate pizza.Our heart is the door to unconditional love for both others and ourselves. Our heart is really always open, but our judgments about others and ourselves keep it closed.

When we stop judging others, and ourselves our heart begins to open. The way to healing is to learn to love and accept ourselves unconditionally. It means to embrace both our positive and negative sides with love and understanding. It means to learn to love everything that we find within ourselves.

We have been taught to love others, but not to love ourselves. But how can we love others without loving ourselves? The ABC of love is that we first need to learn to love ourselves before we can love anybody else.Trust is a prerequisite for love. Without trust, love is without depth. It is like a plastic flower, instead of an alive, fresh and fragrant rose. Even if some people will let us down and make us sad and disappointed, it is no reason to let it undermine our basic trust in life. It is better to allow some people to let us down than not allow our basic trust in life to develop.

Many people are so sleeping and unconscious that they really do not know what they are doing. They make us disappointed even if they do not really mean to. Even if we feel hurt, disillusioned and disappointed with people, see if you can give them love and understanding. A criterion for spiritual growth is that we begin to give love, rather than needing love.Exactly as the rhythm of in-breathes and out-breathes of the physical body, the heart has also two poles: to give love and to receive love. Certain people are easier to give love to and other people are easier to be open to receive love. But to allow our love to become whole, we need to learn both to give love and to receive love.

Animals are great teachers in friendship and unconditional love. One of my course participants commented in a course, “I prefer animals before people, because animals cannot hurt me in the same way that people can. I myself still find it difficult to really trust that I am loved as I am. Even if I am aware about this, there is still a small part of myself that wants to contract, and which does not really trust that I am loved as I am and that life takes care of me. I find it easier to be present for others than to allow others to be present for me.”

Love and fear are two sides of the same coin. In the absence of love fear arises. In the light of love fear disappears, like when you turn the light on in a dark room. Fear is a contraction of our life energy together with an attitude of loneliness and isolation. Love creates an expansion of our life energy together with a feeling of love, joy and belongingness.Love is the strongest power there is. There is no stronger force than love. Love is pure magic. Love transforms people without really doing anything. The sheer presence of love transforms people. There is nothing more holy than love, since love makes people whole.Love accepts a person as he is.

Love creates the freedom, which allows a person to be himself. Love creates the relaxation, which allows a person to relax into his inner being, into his authentic self. Love allows us to appreciate the beautiful being that we already are. Love allows a person to discover his true individuality.

Love is not an exclusive relationship with another person; love is a quality of our inner being. It is to discover the source of love deep within ourselves, which is our true nature.In the depth of our heart, we already know that we are perfect as we are. In the depth of our inner being, we already know that life is perfect as it is.

It is on the awareness level of the heart that we begin to understand that we are not separate from life. We begin to understand that we are not small separate islands in a large ocean, but that life is one and that we are all small parts of the same whole.It is on the awareness level of the heart that we begin to understand what is important and meaningful in life. We begin to understand that life is about sharing, rather than hoarding, that life is about giving, rather than taking.
It is when we open our heart that we discover a sense of unity in love with other people, with the trees, with nature, with the sea and with the blue sky.
This is the silent revolution of the heart.The human heart is the solution to the problems of the world.The human heart contains all the answers.The human heart has the capacity to expand and embrace the whole earth.


The world is running fast toward the end. The ecology of the planet is breaking down. This should be absolutely emphasized on your consciousness, so that you stop postponing your own transformation.

Man is asleep, he is almost in a coma, and his actions are arising out of this state of coma. Man’s mind is so stupid that if there is a little possibility to postpone, then he will postpone for tomorrow. You may go on sleeping and the world may come to an end.
You don’t have time to waste for anything else other than your own awakening, but your growth is so slow that there is every possibility that the world will be gone before you become enlightened.You are not putting your total energy into awareness, into meditation. It is just one of those things that you are doing and it is not even the first priority of your life.It has to be the first priority. That the world is coming to an end has to be emphasized on your consciousness, so that you stop postponing your own awakening.

Nothing has changed in the world; everything is going exactly in the direction of war and death. It all depends on what your priority is. If being awakened has become your priority, and you are ready to sacrifice everything for it, then there is hope.To wake up, you have to realize that the end of the world is coming closer. That the end of the world is coming closer means to things: it must be clear that the world is working for its final suicide and that there is still a possibility at least for you to become awakened.Your awakening is of tremendous importance. To make you aware of the reality, so that you can make some effort to remain awake, to make some effort to be more conscious and not to get lost in trivia – is absolutely necessary.


Humanity is waiting to become conscious, to become buddhas. Humanity may not be aware of it, but they are waiting for help to become buddhas.

You have to live to help humanity to wake up, even if they fight you. They have to be made buddhas.The more you share the more you have. Jesus said that if you don’t share, you won’t even have that which you had. He said: “Those who have shall be given more, and those who have not, even whatsoever they have will be taken away.” The more you give, the more you will have. The less you give, the less you will have.

Sharing is the way of the buddha. Sharing is the only compassion. Sharing is the only service. Sharing is authentic religiousness.Then suddenly the whole existence has become your home. You are no longer a stranger. You belong to existence. This existence belongs to you.

This is the only possibility to save humanity and to help humanity celebrate life in a deep synchronicity with existence.

A Gift of Wisdom, A Gift from Existence

A New Way of Being, A New Way of Living

By Swami Dhyan Giten

“EXCELLENT. Giten is really a spiritual master of love and silence. He is a loving man, who knows the science of truth, love and life. Whenever I read his words of spirituality, I always find myself in deep silence and in the belly of the divine, where anyone can feel himself as a buddha.”

– Swami Prem Pathik, Nepal


This book is so beautiful; it is like listening to birdsong. I am in love with this book. It is very clear and direct. Giten’s new book is his most accomplished book.

It is the capacity and the clear intensity of walking like an arrow directly towards the center of the inner being in meditation that really surrounds this book. I’m speechless.

I have never heard anyone ever been able to describe this as educational and “up to date” as it must be and just is – like the simplicity of drinking a glass of water.”

– Deva Emanuel, musician and Participant in satsang with Giten


* * * * * Five hearts

“Best reading Giten’s new book “You are already a Buddha”! THANK YOU FROM THE HEART!”

– Rani Spets Edgren, Breath Therapist, Stockholm

Everybody has the birthright to become a buddha. The buddha is inherent in every human being, and not only in every human being, but it is the intrinsic quality of every living being.

What is preventing you from becoming a Buddha? The reason is simple, because to become a buddha is also a desire. It is not a question of becoming a buddha. It is a question of entering your being.The buddha is already in your being.

There is a great difference between being and becoming. Becoming is in the future. Being is just here and now. You are already a buddha. It means that we are a buddha, but we are unnecessarily running after being a buddha.

When you go inside, where a silence descends on you, you return to the source. At the source, you are the buddha. At the source, you are one with life and existence.The buddha is your own being.

Make a deep commitment to yourself that you are going to become a buddha in this life. Without being a buddha, you don’t have any meaning in your life.When you don’t make a commitment to become a buddha in this life it may take lives and lives, because you do not want to become enlightened. Otherwise, this very moment you are the buddha, because you are already a buddha. Just a straight insight into your inner being, and enlightenment can happen suddenly.

Within you wait a light that has been within you since eternity, a light that is your immortality. Just enter into yourself and you have entered the temple of existence.

This book is a compilation of spiritual teacher and author Swami Dhyan Giten’s lectures on enlightenment during satsang between 2020 – 2021 in Stockholm.

This book is an opportunity to find the inner buddha, to find the silence, joy, truth, freedom, compassion, to find the roots in eternity, immortality and deathlessness, and to be one with life and existence. It is to become one with the trees, with the animals, with the rivers and the oceans. Use this book as an opportunity to become a light to yourself.

Cover painting: SHAKTIPAT, Swami Dhyan Giten
Shaktipat is a Sanskrit term that means transmssion of the light, transmission of grace.

Giten’s new book “You are Already a Buddha: A New Way of Being, A New Way of Living” is now published globally on Amazon as a gift of wisdom, a gift from existence.


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