Darshan with Giten: Grace, Love and Truth Go Together – Initiation with Satayama Padma, 2016-10-07







NOVEMBER, 7,  2016 

Darshan with Giten with on November 7 was both a birthday and a new birth when Toshen’s birthday was celebrated and she was also initiated by Giten.  

Toshen is initiated and is born again to the spiritual path. Giten gave her a new name and a a personal meaning to her name, which is a spiritual guidance for life.

Giten told Toshen during the initiation: Your new name is Satyama Padma. Satyama is your path, which means truth. Padma is your individual name, which means a lotus flower of God’s grace, love and light. The meaning of your whole name is a lotus flower of God’s grace, truth, love and light.

The lotus flower is an ancient symbol of the ultimate unfolding of consciousness.

The lotus flower is the most beautiful flower in the East, the most fragrant, and it has become the symbol of ultimate awakening, ultimate awareness and ultimate flowering.

The highest peak of your being is thought to be like a lotus flower.

The lotus flower has become the spiritual flower for certain reasons. One is that it grows out of the mud. It is such a revolution to see the mud, and the lotus growing out of it.


Padma commented that the initiation was a gift and Deva Emanuel said that there was an underlying silence during the whole evening.

The birthday and initiation was celebrated with exquisite ecological cake and delicious ecological strawberry lemonade.

As birthday and initiation gifts Padma received a dress from the Italian designer Missoni, whose exquisite design and colours was like a lotus flower.  

She also received Giten’s book “The Language of Silence: From Darkness to Light” and two necklaces that emphasized the lotus as the symbol of enlightenment.

Padma commented that this initiation was a new beginning to her life.

Both Giten and Padma also received beautiful pink roses, whose fragrance was like a scent from heaven. 

The next darshan Giten will be a combined Christmas celebration with satsang in December.


LOVE, SILENCE & GOD: Eight quotes from Goodreads large collection of 164 Giten quotes

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Eight quotes from Goodreads large Collection of 164 Giten quotes

“When we stop judging others and ourselves, our heart begins to open.”

― Swami Dhyan Giten, The Silent Whisperings of the Heart – An Introduction to Giten’s Approach to Life 

Giten on the Celestial Music

“During the summer I meditated outside in nature. Listening to the wind with the ears are like listening to mere noise, but listening to the wind blowing through the trees from the inner silence and being one with the wind is like listening to the celestial music.”



“I was tired in the evening yesterday. I felt drained by the last days outer conflicts. I felt separated from life. Suddenly I heard the wind blowing through the trees outside my open window, whispering a silent and playful invitation: “Do you want to play? Do you want to join the dance?” This playful invitation again joined my heart and being with the Existential dance. I was again in a silent prayer and oneness with life.”



“When we become silent, we become whole. And when we become whole, we become holy.”



A friend of mine commented yesterday that she has experienced similar insights that I talked about that all enlightened Masters and founders of religion are actually talking about the same ocean, the same invisible life source, the same God.

She also said that she worked in a Christan environment at the time that she received these insights, and when she tried to share these insights with the Christians she was accused of being “impure” and of being associated with the “Devil”.

Christians hold on to the idea that Jesus was the only son of God, without realizing that we are all son’s and daughter’s of God. By holding on to the idea that Jesus is the only son of God, they do not either to realize that all enlightened Masters are talking about the same God.

Jesus did not talk about faith, he talked about trust. He talked about discovering a trust in yourself and in relationship to God.  Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you.  In Christianity, the church has become the intermediate between man and God, and people who claim that they have found a direct relationship to God are accused of blasphemy. The Christan church has become a barrier between man and God, and anyone who has declared that he has found a direct relationship to God are immediately banned by the church, for example Master Eckhart and Franciskus of Assisi. 

I have always had a deep love for Jesus, but it is not the picture of Jesus that the Christian church presents. I was a disciple of Jesus in a former life, and was thrown to the lions in Colosseum in Rome as one of the early Christians. Jesus had many more disciples than the twelve disciples mentioned in The Bible.

In this life, I resigned my automatic membership in the church as soon as I could think for myself when I was 15 years old. I was also disgusted with an organization that said that they preached love and which has murdered more people than Hitler.

My experience with these rare and precious insights are that they expand our consciousness of reality. They are gradual initiations into reality. They may fade away, but we will never be the same again after receiving them. They will also come more and more, the more committment we have to our spiritual growth.”



“What I basically listen to when I work with a group of people is when the moment becomes silent. Then I know that we are entering the dimension of love, truth and wholeness.”



“Meditation is the way to be with ourselves and to learn to accept our own aloneness. In aloneness, I experiment with being consciously alone as a door to be egoless. In conscious aloneness, the ego can not function. In aloneness, you are not. 

I have always been comfortable with my own aloneness as an inner source of love, joy, truth, silence and wholeness.   

When we depend on other people, it becomes a bondage – instead of a freedom. I took this sunday as a meditation to be consciously alone, and to accept all feelings of pain, of not being loved and the fear of being nobody that would come up during the meditation. This meditation goes up and down during the day: at certain moments, I can totally accept my aloneness. It feels fine to accept that I am alone and that I am nobody. At other moments, I feel the pain of not being loved, when the meditation brings up how dependence on other people is a barrier to totally accept my aloneness.

I take a coffee at a restaurant. I am the only person that sits alone in the restaurant, while the other guests are couples and families eating sunday dinner. It brings up painful feelings of not being loved and wanting to be needed by other people, when I see how much people cling to each other in the couples and the families.

Escaping your aloneness through relationships and needing other people’s attention through being a teacher, a politician or by being rich or famous, are ways of escaping the pain of aloneness. But then the relationships are not really love. Only when you are capable of being alone, you can really love.

When we can be alone, we discover the inner source of love, which is our true nature. When we can be alone, it open the door to be one with the Whole.”



“Meditation expands our inner being. The inner being is like a small, individual river flowering towards the Ocean. 

In meditation, I feel how my inner being expands into an inner ocean, which is part of everything, which is one with Existence.

Through the inner being, we come in contact with the inner ocean, the undefined and boundless within ourselves, where we are one with life. We realize that God is part of life. We realize that God is not a person, but the consciousness that is part of everything. We find God in a flower, in a tree, in the eyes of a child or in a playful dog. 

Through discovering our inner being, we discover that we are also part of the flower, the child or the dog. We realize that God is everywhere.”


Read the whole collection of Giten Quotes on Goodreads:

Darshan with Giten on June 24 in Stockholm: Coming Home

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Emptiness & Trust

Darshan is an intimate meeting with Giten, where he can talk intimately to individuals and small groups of seekers of truth and disciples.

In Darshan, Giten will answer questions from seekers of truth, give spiritual guidance and give initiation to seekers of truth.

Darshan is for sincere seekers of truth who are related to Giten’s work, or who have sufficient life experience or previous experience of spiritual growth and meditation, to understand the sophistication of Giten’s work.

Darshan with Giten will happen once a month.

On Darshan with Giten on June 24, he began to talk about Emptiness and Trust. Giten said that the inner emptiness is the door to God. He said that meditation is to learn to enjoy your inner emptiness, and that meditation is to learn to trust the inner emptiness, to trust the inner nothingness and to trust the unknown.

Giten also had a intimate talk with Toshen, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and was operated 2 weeks ago. Giten told Toshen that her cancer is based on a trauma based in her second chakra, which has created a basic mistrust in life and manifests as psychological and physical symptoms of ambivalence between trust and mistrust in the heart chakra and the lungs. He recommended her therapy to solve this basic cause of the cancer, which will also help the body to vitalize it’s own inner healing system. He also told Toshen to close the door to death, and to open the door to coming home in herself.

The next two Darshans with Giten will happen on July 22 and August 19. Registration: swami.dhyan.giten(a)gmail.com

Giten’s birthday on May 15 celebrated with Satsang and Shaktipat Initiation

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– Initiation
It is like taking initiation for real this time – and it is not about belonging to an organization or a church. Satsang with Giten has put me on the path again – and so much is opening up.”
– Toshen, Stockholm
“A longing has been born to clarify my “shopping list for life”, and to make meditation number one.”
– Emanuel Sjogren, Orebro
We are very happy to inform you that the first Satsang with Shaktipat Initiation will happen on Giten’s birthday, May 15, in Stockholm.
Initiation into freedom is basically a way of living life consciously, in meditation and celebration, a life lived in oneness with Existence, inspired by the vision of spiritual teacher Swami Dhyan Giten.
Initiation into Freedom is an experience of the heart. It is an initiation into the ancient path of truth, an initiation into the invisible path.
Initiation into Freedom is a sincere commitment to yourself and to your own spiritual growth. It is a statement that the most important thing in your life is meditation, to become more aware, more conscious and more awake. Initiation into Freedom is a surrender to the truth of your own being.
Initiation into Freedom happens inside the being of the individual. It is conscious choice of the sincere seeker of love and truth, who have a deep commitment to truth. Previous experience of meditation is recommended.
Giten has initiated people to the path of truth with people who surrendered to him in their hearts through creating an inner initiation in their inner being for 30 years, but he has not formally initiated people before. But now the time seems ripe to begin to initiate sincere seekers of truth.
Initiation into freedom is not a religion or an organization, it is a statement by the individual. Initiation into freedom is based on the Indian sannyasin tradition, but it is not a reunciation from the world. It is a life affirmative confirmation that embraces all aspects of life, mediation, relationships and creativity.
Initiation ceremonies will be performed in connection to Satsang evenings with Giten. Initiation can also be done by mail.
In initiation into freedom, Giten will observe you and find out:
1. What type you are
2. How much work you have done in your past lives
3. Where you are right at this moment in your spiritual growth
4. At what center you are functioning right now
5. Decision about meditative methods that will be helpful for you
Based on this observation, Giten will give you a new name, your spiritual name, with a meaning that will denote the pathway that you will travel on and an individual quality that will be be a guidance on your spiritual path. You will also receive a necklace symbolizing the oneness of life.
For more information and application form for Initiation into Freedom:

Giten Heart Meditation: Love, Acceptance and Silence

Skär ros
Giten Heart Meditation:
Love, Acceptance and Silence
– Periphery and Being
Sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes and feel the heart and the area around the chest.
Feel that the heart is filled filled with great peace.
When the body is relaxed, automatically a peace happens in the heart. The heart becomes silent, relaxed and harmonious.
Love arises from the heart. When you are in love, you are filled with peace. When you are not in love, you are disturbed.
You can do two things to achieve love: You can search for love outside of yourself through an outer partner. Then you will sometimes will find love and peace, but it will also bring conflict, frustration, anger, sorrow and disappointment, because you can only meet in certain moments in love and peace with the outer partner.
The other way is to not try to find love and peace through an outer partner, but to find love and peace directly – and this is what the Giten Heart Meditation is all about – and your life will be filled with love and peace.
This love is not dependent on anybody, it is not possessive.
First become established in the love and peace on your own. Then you are independent, and then love is not a need. Then love becomes a giving, rather than a dependency.
When you feel this love and peace, you are further away from the periphery, and you come in contact with your inner center. In society and in the streets, the noises do not disturb you. The noise in the street, deepens your silence.
This silence comes because you have retracted from the periphery to the center, to the inner being.
The heart is naturally the source of love and peace, of silence. You are simply coming to the inner source, which is always available within.
Try this heart meditation, for 10 minutes when you wake up, and for 10 minutes before you go to sleep.
The world will look different, because you look at it with different eyes.
People will behave differently with you, because to every relationship you contribute with something. When you are filled with love and peace, people will behave differently with you. They will be more loving, kind and open. Whenever you are peaceful, people will come closer to you. When you are disturbed, every one is repelled, but whenever you are peaceful, every one wants to be close, because this peace radiates around you.

Spring Always Comes: Satsang with Giten during the spring in Stockholm




Satsang with Giten continues during the spring on
Thursdays in Stockholm
“Giten gave me life back. An awakening. I have seen the beauty in life, and I know that that this is the way.

I like Giten a lot. He is fantastic. The presence and impact he has on people. His wisdom and humor.”
– Lotta Hallin, Stockholm
Satsang with Giten continues during the Spring on Thursdays in Stocholm 19.00 PM-21.00 PM.
April 24. May 1, 8, 15, 22 maj.
150 SEK, 15 EUR
information and registration:swami.dhyan.giten@gmail.com
On the Satsang evening on April 17, Giten lectured about the two types of love, ordinary love and being-love, and about the four indications of love. The Satsang evening ended with 30 minutes of silent Satsang, where a deep silence developed.
The lecture was recorded live and will be available for free download.
During Satsang on Thursday, April 2, Giten was attacked with aggressiveness and judgemental projections in a planned attack by two persons. This attack on Giten was basically about power, which was like going from light to darkness in Satsang.
Power is a crucial pont in all spiritual movements – and power is an almost constant unconscious state in politics, business and in society at large.
This attack lowered Giten’s level of joy, satisfaction and creativity, which made Satsang take a pause on Thursday, April 10. Giten also discussed this attack with the Satsang participant Toshen, whose immediate response was: “Continue with Satsang. You are doing a great work.”
Toshen also commented that spiritual movements need to go beyond power conflicts to be able to work for the light. She also said that this attack on Giten was only ridicolous.
Giten felt that it would be a mistake to allow this power attack to affect Satsang, since Satsang is needed in these transformative times in the world, which is about a shift from power to heart, from ego to light.
Hello Giten! I just wanted to send this mail and thank you for your newsletters, and wish you all luck in your continued work with the light of love.
You do a fantastic pioneer work when you show people the way!”
Par Wahlstrom, healer and author of The Magic of Love

Giten on YouTube and Grooveshark: Free Download of Giten Lecture on Intuition – The Inner Source of Love, Truth and Wisdom

and Grooveshark
Swami Dhyan Giten
Giten Lectures:
The Silence Beyond the Words
Intuition – The Inner Source of Love,
Truth and Wisdom
“I listened several times to Giten’s English lecture on
Intuition – The Inner Source of Love, Truth and
Wisdom. The lecture felt total, direct and provoked my
mind. First after a while, I could let go and begin to
listen to the words.”
– Emanuel Sjoberg, musician, composer and student of Giten since 6 years
“After listening to Giten’s lecture on Intuition, there is
a longing in me, a feeling, that I have never created
anything on my own. I feel like composing something
radical, new, alive, authentic and simple music to the
lecture. After listening to Giten’s lecture on Intuition, I
feel that nothing that I have done or heard before feels
true anymore.”
– Emanuel Sjoberg, musician, composer and student of Giten since 6 years
 Gitens first recorded lecture in English on the topic Intuition – The Inner Source of Love, Truth and Wisdom is now available for free download on Grooveshark:
Giten’s lectures works on two levels, on two dimensions: the words and the silence beyond the words.
You can use Giten’s lectures as a meditation to tune into the source, to a new dimension.
Music from the World of Giten
The Giten lectures are accompanied by original improvised and composed music from the world of Giten.
The music to the Giten lecture Intuition – The Inner Source of Love, Truth and Wisdom is created by live improvisation and composing, where three musicians in Emanuel Sjogrens course in music, creativity and meditation improvised to Giten’s lecture. 
Emanuel Sjogren says: “I wanted it to be a meeting in music from intuition, heart, truth and joy, which felt like it was totally in line with Giten’s lecture on Intuition.” 

David Lindström, Classical Piano and meditation on the theme “Intuition”

Johanna Karlsson, Violin and meditation over the theme “Intuition”

Emanuel Sjögren, course leader, percussion’s and meditation over the theme “Intuition”

Satsang with Giten, March 20, 2014, in Stockholm: Tantra – The Way of the Heart: Mahamudra – The Ultimate Experience

Tantra: The Way of the Heart 



“Satsang with Giten

has put me on the path again
and so much is opening up.”
– Toshen, Stockholm
The first Satsang evening on the theme “Tantra – The Way of the Heart” on March 20 was a very strong Satsang.
Giten began this Satsang by lecturing on “Tantra – The Way of the Heart: Mahamudra – The Ultimate Experience”.
The lecture was recorded live and will be available in Swedish on YouTube and Grooveshark.
Below you will also find a collection of quotes in English from lecture. 
The Satsang ended with 40 minutes of silent Satsang a meeting from heart to heart, a meeting from being to being.
Tantra – The Way of the Heart:
Mahamudra – The Ultimate Experience
A collection of quotes from the Satsang with Swami Dhyan Giten on March, 20, 2014


Mahamudra, the ultimate experience, is not an experience at all, because the experiencer is lost. The “I”, the ego is lost.
The ultimate experience is more like an experiencing. It is a process. It begins, but it never ends. You enter it, but you can never possess it. It is a deep merging and melting with Existence. It is a oneness. It is like a drop dropping into the Ocean.


When something happens to you that is beyond words, life is happening to you. When the Ultimate is happening to you, you are beyond words.
Mahamudra is the ultimate experience, the ultimate mystery. Mahamudra means a total orgasm with the Universe.
In love, you can sometimes feel a melting and merging with the other person, and the two becomes one. The physical bodies are still separate, but something beyond the bodies creates a oneness. It opens a spiritual dimension.
Only when the experiencer is lost, the experience is there.
Only when the seeker is lost, the experience is there.
Seek, and you will miss. Seek not, and you will find. The very seeking becomes a barrier to the ultimate experience.
Nobody ever reaches to God, God comes to you when you are open and receptive, when you are ready.
The way to become ready is trust, to develop a trust in life. The heart is the door to trust.
The deepest realization is that your being is a non-being. It is a nothing, a vast emptiness without boundaries. It is a no-self.
The feeling of self, of “I” is false.
When you come to the ultimate experience, when you come to your deepest core, you are no one. You are a vast emptiness.
You can become afraid in meditation, because the deeper you go in meditation, the more you realize that you are nobody, a nothingness. It is a death of the ego. That is why people become afraid of meditation.
To attain to Mahamudra, the ultimate experience, is to attain to all.
When you are not, you become the whole.
If you love another person, you have to become a no-self, a nothing. When you love, you have to become a nobody. When you are a nobody, love happens. If you remain somebody, love never happens.
One becomes afraid of love, because love opens the inner emptiness.
Love is not an effort. If love is an effort, it is not love.
It is the same case with the ultimate experience, it happens when you do not make an effort. Then you can simply float with the river to the Ocean.

Read more about Satsang, Satsang Intensives, Satsang Weekends and Retreats with Swami Dhyan Giten at international site Meeting Truth: http://meetingtruth.com/teacher/SwamiDhyanGiten