Giten on The World:

A Global Dictatorship and a Global

Electronic Police State


“The basic problem with

the world is that there is too

much hate and too little love.”

– Swami Dhyan Giten

More than 5 years ago, Giten wrote that the plans of the global political and economical elite are to create a global dictatorship and a global electronic police state.

This year Giten’s words became true through the revelations about NSA’s global surveillance. Washington Post revealed that the large American Internet companies Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Skype are tools for Internet surveillance for the American intelligence agencies CIA and NSA. But this is still only the tip of the ice berg. Mainstream media still seem incapable of connecting the dots and see the large picture.

Facebook and Google are also members of the Bilderberg group, whose aim is to create a global dictatorship and a global electronic police state. The directors of CIA, NSA and NATO is at attendance at Bilderberg’s annual meeting together with the international banks, the military complex, the global companies, international media (who do not report about the meeting) and democratically elected politicians from all over the world. The Bilderberg group meet each year behind closed doors, and the people have no information about what is discussed and what is decided. Stefan Löfven from the Swedish Social democratic party, who is probably the next Swedish prime minister this year, attended the Bilderberg meeting, and Swedish media has not asked him a single question about what was discussed.

In the article enclosed below, which was published 2 years ago, Giten says that the so-called war on terrorism is not against terrorism or a specific country, it is a war against humanity.

In Swami Dhyan Giten’s Newsletter for January 2013, Giten also criticized the endless wars in the world. The article was also sent to President Obama. A couple of weeks later, the American company Yahoo, closed Giten’s official Yahoo-mail since 10 years. Despite 3 complaints to Yahoo and 3 complaints against Yahoo to ISPA, The Internet Service Providers Association, Yahoo still refuses to explain the reason for this.
The war drums are alarming

Wars are an outdated way to try to solve conflicts, which is unacceptable in the 21st century. The eternal wars are not really against a specific country, it is a war against humanity, says Swami Dhyan Giten, spiritual teacher and best-selling author.

The war drums are alarming again. The mainstream media informs us that USA need to defend themselves from the threats of a nuclear war from North Korea, but the truth is that USA has provoked North Korea until they threatened USA.

The foreign policy of President Obama is not very different from the foreign policy of George W. Bush as the economy of the US is based on the war industry. 1 trillion dollar per year of the taxes is used for military spending. It is also a well-known fact that the tax money for military spending that Pentagon receives is then converted into huge profits for the private companies and the war industrial complex. 

The neo-conservative think tanks have made a plan for a new American century (see the link enclosed below). This plan consists of a war list, which lie on the desk of President George W. Bush and consists of war against the following countries: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and North Korea. President Obama is now continuing to follow this war list.

President Eisenhower warned against the “war industrial complex”, which he considered the largest threat to democracy. President John F. Kennedy also warned against a “secret conspiracy” against democracy. The war industrial complex consists of the international banks, oil companies, war industry, democratically elected politicians, conservative think tanks, international mainstream media and global companies, who make profits from human suffering and wars.

The neo-conservative politicians, with roots in Nazism, are considered to be nuts in Washington, and many of these people were fired from the Reagan-administration because of criminal activities.

In Libya and Syria, the up rise was started by US allies. In Syria, weapons were smuggled in by the US ally Saudi Arabia, one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world. USA has refused any invitations for negotiations for peace from the Syrian government. It also became very silent in Sweden among politicians and in the mainstream media when it was revealed that Swedish weapons that Sweden has sold to Saudi Arabia was smuggled in to the so-called “rebels” in Syria by Saudi Arabia.

The truth is that the goal of the eternal wars is a global dictatorship and a global electronic police state. The American president is just a marionette in the hands of the global political and economical elite. If he does not do what they say, he will be removed like Margaret Thatcher or murdered like John F. Kennedy – or Olof Palme. John F. Kennedy wanted to stop the Vietnam war and downsize the CIA, the world’s largest terrorist organization. Facebook, Google and Yahoo are also CIA-tools for Internet surveillance.

People are very tired of the endless wars, which is why the global political and economical elite has to lie and spread war propaganda to get people to support the wars. It is also the people that pay for the wars, which generate huge profit for the war industrial complex.

Wars are an outdated way to try to solve conflicts, which is unacceptable in the 21st century. Instead of trying to conquer yourself, wars are an unconscious way to try to conquer life. Wars are an unconscious way to try to conquer death, which is the basic fear in the West.

The eternal war is not really against a specific country, it is a war against humanity.

– Swami Dhyan Giten

Swami Dhyan Giten on the World: International Banks Call for Fascism in Europe

 J.P. Morgan
J.P. Morgan, London 
“Truth is a quality in the moment. It arises when we have trust in what happens
and are in contact with what Existence wants us to do. 
This quality makes the moment shine with a joy and inner satisfaction.”
Swami Dhyan Giten
From the book The Silent Whisperings of the Heart – 
An Introduction to Giten’s Approach to Life 
(available in paperback at the international book site
The international bank J.P. Morgan states in a recent report that fascism is needed in Europe. J.P. Morgan also states in a 16-page report issued on May 28, entitled, “The Euro Area Adjustment: About Halfway There”, that there is too much democracy in Europe, and that fascism is needed to impose the kind of economical austerity that Europe needs.
The startling new feature of J.P. Morgan’s report is its claim that the problem with imposing austerity is not just fiscal discipline, but that there is too much democracy in some of the European countries today, in comparison to the 1930s fascist constitutions of southern Europe. J.P. Morgan financed Hitler and Mussolini to come to power and introduce fascism during the economical depression in the 1930s, and now they are again calling for the same solution. 
Reports states that 4000 people have committed suicide in Greece due to the economical austerity measures, but the banks are not satisfied and J.P. Morgan says in this report that Europe is only about halfway through the period of adjustment. 
The recent revelations about the mass surveillance of the American intelligence agency NSA (together with the Internet companies Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Skype) are only the tip of the ice berg. This mass surveillance is just a tool to create the global, fascistic dictatorship and the global electronic police state, which is the goal of the Bilderberg group. The Bilderberg group consists of the international banks, the war industrial complex, the international media and the global companies. 
Bilderbergs annual meeting is also attended by democratically elected politicians from all over the world, who agree not to disclose what is discussed to their voters. President Eisenhower warned against the war industrial complex as a threat to democracy, and President John F. Kennedy warned against what he called “a secret conspiracy against democracy”. 
J.P. Morgan is members of the Bilderberg group, and the directors of CIA, NSA and NATO are in attendance at Bilderbergs annual meetings. Google and Facebook are also members of the Bilderberg group. 
Sweden is not a democracy any longer. The rift between the political and economical elite and the people has never been larger. 7 of 10 new laws in Sweden come from the EU-dictatorship, which is a Bilderberg project planned during the 1950s and aimed at destroying the sovereignty of the European countries, and moving the power away from the people in order to create their goal of a global dictatorship. The political elite in Sweden is now working for topics that 80 % of the people are strongly against. 
The Socialdemocratic party and the conservative party has been attending Bilderberg’s annual meetings since the 1950s. The current Swedish leader of the Socialdemocratic party, Stefan Lofven, attended Bilderbergs meeting in London 2013. After the meeting, the Socialdemocratic party, wants Sweden to join NATO, the army of Bilderbergs global dictatorship, which a large majority of the Swedish people are strongly against. Lofven was also asked for a comment about the mass surveillance of NSA and his answer was that he had no opinion, which shows the complete absence of integrity and substance in Swedish politics.