“Thank you for a beautiful satsang. The body feels very tired, because it has been a journey. Something new, something deep, an ocean.”

– Deva Satsang, participant in Christmas satsang with Giten, 24 December, 2020

This darshan and satsang celebration with Giten was supported by silent satsang with Giten, which is a direct insight and realization of being.

How can wisdom be attained? How does enlightenment happen? How can one obtain freedom in life? During this darshan and satsang, where Giten talked to a small group of seekers of truth, he talked about these three questions.

“Silence is enlightenment. When the moments of silence come more and more, our life will be transformed.

Enlightenment is our nature. Enlightenment is a discovery of our being. It is the fragrance of our being, of our life.

Enlightenment is not something that we have to develop, enlightenment has already happened in our being.

There is nothing to do, except understanding. Just understanding, you can become enlightened.

The fear of enlightenment is that we have to lose ourselves. Jesus described this like we have to forget ourselves to find ourselves.

This is for those who have a great potential. If these words strike a sound deep in your being, they will start awakening your sleeping soul.

These words are for those who are ready. It is for those who have intelligence.

Do you want to discover your roots in existence? These roots in existence are possible only through truth. To attain wisdom, truth and enlightenment, know yourself as the inner witness.

The inner witness is the key to deep meditation and to find your roots in existence. The witness is the most valuable key. Truth, wisdom and enlightenment will happen through the inner witness.

There are four types of people in the world: the wise, the seeker, the ignorant and the idiot. There are also four types of inquiry into joy, truth, wisdom and enlightenment.

The first inquiry is wordless. It is the inquiry of the wise, the one who knows. He has reached; the mind has become clear and calm. He is silent and meditative. He has come home.

The second inquiry is the seeker of truth. He is a seeker for joy, truth, wisdom and enlightenment.

The third inquiry is the ignorant. The ignorant person is arrogant. He is full of ego and thinks that he already knows. Who is going to explain anything to him? If an ignorant person asks a question, he asks just to prove you wrong.

The fourth inquiry is the idiot. The idiot is so unconscious that the idiot never asks any questions. He does not have any idea that there are any problems in life. Will an idiot ask about what wisdom is or how to attain enlightenment? If an idiot does ask, he will ask about how to fulfill his passions. He will not ask about wisdom, truth or enlightenment.

Wisdom is that which liberates you. This is the criterion of truth. Jesus said: Truth will make you free.

People are really afraid of the truth. Truth is not something that people want, because truth will challenge your cherished ego, your dreams and your illusions. The more you become interested in truth, the more you will not be part of the unconscious crowd.

There is nothing that is stopping you from becoming enlightened. There is nobody that is stopping you from becoming enlightened.

Be enlightened right here and now, because you are already free.

Be enlightened this very moment.

Enlightenment is not a gradual process, but a sudden insight and understanding.

Enlightenment does not happen in steps, it has already happened. It is merely a question of understanding.

Enlightenment can happen right now. There is no need to postpone it, because that is the strategy and cunningness of the mind.

This happening does not occur in the future, it can happen now or never.

When it happens, it happens right now, because there is no time except now and here.

Enlightenment can happen this very moment.

Life is now, freedom is now and enlightenment is now.”

– Swami Dhyan Giten


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