Surrender your ego so you can surrender to love and disappear into silence.

Love is the door to enlightenment and to be enough to yourself, to be a light to yourself.

“Satsang with Giten is unique. It vibrates in my heart as silently, fragile and poetic as listening to the

 bells of the anemones. Satsang is hope, a path to truth, to love  and to peace. By just listening, “I” 

disappears  with fear, music is left.”

– Deva Emanuel, participant in satsang weeked “The Way of the Heart”, 13-15 May, 2022, in Stockholm

Spiritual teacher and author Swami Dhyan Gitens quotes, articles and books have touched the hearts of thousands of people and are appearing  with increased frequency in magazines, blogs and webplaces.

The influence from his teaching and books continues to grow and are reaching intelligent people and seekers of truth in virtually all countries in the world.

He has been described by Swami Prem Pathik in Nepal: “Giten is really a spiritual master of love and silence. He is a loving man, who knows  the science of truth, love and life. Whenever I read his words of spirituality, I always find myself in deep silence and in the belly of the divine, where anyone can feel himself as a buddha.”

Padma, beloved friend of Giten and participant in satsang with Giten says: Satsang with Giten is heaven. Satsang with Giten has the same  taste as satsang in India. Suddenly meditation is not dry and sterile, but an experience of love, silence and prayer, of being one with life.

I was so afraid that I would lose the silence that I had found during satsang in India, but I found the silence again in satsang with Giten. Samadhi is like dying. The fear  that I experienced in the beginning in satsang when I went into samadhi, when I disappeared into the silence, has now disappeared totally.

Satsang with Giten is like coming home. I went into samadhi three times during a satsang weekend with Giten – and I got a map and an understanding of how to go into samadhi again.

Before I started to attend satsang, I did not think that enlightenment was possible, but now I feel that it is possible. Satsang with Giten confirms what I have really always known. I never thought that samadhi was possible, but in satsang with Giten, samadhi is knocking on the door.”

Deva Emanuel, musician, composer, teacher in music and participant in satsang with Giten for 7 years, says that satsang with Giten is a gem. He says:  “Einstein´s response to  a political climate increasingly hostile to scientists and teachers was that if he lived life again, it would be as a plumber.

 Intelligent people seem to have something in common, a sort of strong clairity in their words, where love can’t be ignored. It almost seems easy to them, how they share their insights with the world.

Not even our largest religion in the world protests when society educates young people to kill for its countries, otherwise it would not have been  called the most widespread religion today.

Carl Marx also addressed another side of the issue in terms of opium for the masses. Society does not care about developing intelligence, communication  or love in man.  It is not much in the world that will applaud you if you want to grow in love and communication. Jesus’ reminded not to give pearls to  someone who doesn’t speak  up about what  a pearl is worth. Satsang with Giten is a gem.


TIME: 10-12 juni. 

COST: 1700:-.


PLACE: Stockholm, Sweden. A description to the course place will be sent out upon registration.

COST: 1700:-.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE COURSE AND REGISTRATION: Registration 1 week before the course to: swami.dhyan.giten(a(

COURSE LANGUAGE in Sweden: Swedish.

RECOMMENDED READING before the satsang weekend: Giten’s new book “You are already a buddha: 

A New Way of Being, A New Way of Living”. The book is available globally on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book is also available in Sweden, Norway and Finland on and


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