Satsang with Giten, February, 5, in Stockholm: Sex, Love and Prayer

Giten-bild, Lulu



Swami Dhyan Giten 

Wednesday, February, 5, in Stockholm
Sex, Love and Prayer
“Love is not an exclusive relationship with another
person; love is the quality that arises when we are in
contact with our inner being, with our authentic self,
with the meditative quality within, with the inner
silence and emptiness.
This inner emptiness is experienced by others and is
expressed on the outside as love. This love is not
addressed to a specific person; it is a presence and
quality that surrounds a person like a fragrance.”
– Swami Dhyan Giten 
Giten Lectures
Lotta Hallin, a participant in Satsang with Giten in Stockholm, wrote a mail to Giten a couple of days ago, saying that she felt a need to record Giten’s lectures during Satsang to be able to listen to them again. 
She writes: “Giten manages to deliver so much wisdom and interesting information in a short while during Satsang that I want to save everything, and put in a little shrine for further contemplation.”
In cooperation with Emanuel Sjogren, talented musician, composer and student of Giten since 5 years, Giten’s lecture during Satsang on February 5, was recorded. 
Giten’s lecture on The Way of the Heart: The Three Levels of Love – Sex, Love and Prayer will be available shortly in Swedish to be downloaded on Itunes. It will also be available on CD.
Giten’s lectures in English will also be available in the future.
In the meantime, you can read the written transcript from the lecture below.

The topic for the Satsang with Giten on February, 5, was The Way of the Heart: The Three Levels of Love – Sex, Love and Prayer, which relates to the second, fourth and seventh level of consciousness.
The Way of the Heart:
The Three Levels of Love 
The Way of the Heart: The Three Levels of Love means to celebrate yourself and each moment in life, whatever the truth of the moment is.
It means to enjoy each moment. it means to celebrate each moment of life. It means to be thankful for each moment in life.
The Way of the Heart develops in three steps: 1. Sex 2. Love and 3. Prayer.
3. Prayer
– Prayer is the spiritual level. It is the level of meditation, awareness, silence and the divine.
– Sex becomes refined in love, and love becomes refined in prayer
– When you have gone beyond the heart, you have gone beyond love, your whole being is in need of flowering. Your whole being. your joy and silence needs to be shared, then it is prayer.
– Prayer is to start feeling that the other is divine
– In prayer, sexuality disappears
2. Love
– The second level Love is the psychological level. 
– Sex is sharing through the body, love is sharing through the heart.
– To share love, you need a celebration in your heart, you have to be happy, content and silent, so that you can share.
– In love you need to love the other person for sex
– Love is in the middle of sex and prayer.
– Love relates to the fourth chakra, the Heart
1. Sex
– The first level Sex is the physical level. Sex exists between two bodies.
– Sex is a sharing through the body.
– Sex relates to to the second chakra, Sensations
– Religion is a bridge between sex and the the divine
– Sex is our basic energy , which is transformed and refined into love and prayer
– Swami Dhyan Giten 
After the lecture, Giten invited questions and comments and one participant said that this lecture created an understanding of his whole spiritual journey up to now. He also said that it was very helpful to get these three levels presented in this clear way.
Another participant commented that he had started his spiritual journey on the third level, and then he proceeded to develop the other two levels.
A third participant said that she had been diagnosed with cancer, and that it brought up a lot of fear. She said that Giten’s lecture throw light on her situation as the cancer in her lungs is related to the heart, to love. Giten commented that psychological issues of love, of the flow of love in life, can be interrupted by fear, pain and judgements about oneself and others, and manifest in the body as imbalance and sickness. Giten also talked about fear, death and the deathless. He commented that death is one of the qualities that we meet in the depth of our inner being, and that the outer or inner meeting with death, create a situation to go deep into love, meditation and silence. He also said that the outer environment is now so toxic and full of poisons and chemicals that cancer cases will rise with 300 percent to 2050. He recommended her to take precaution in the form of exercise and clean food, which will give vitality to the body and strengthen the immune system. Giten also recommended her to do the 1-day Satsang Intensive on February, 15, which will focus on The Way of the Heart and the three levels of love. 
The lecture was followed by 30 minutes of silent Satsang, which created a deep silence.
“The silent Satsang yesterday felt strong. Almost immediately when we sat down in silent Satsang, I was filled with an energy so strong that it felt like I was surrounded by an almost physical energy field.
I almost felt like I was going to levitate, like the energy was so compact that I could not sit still on the floor. It was like the Satsang danced, it was living its own life. It felt ancient, powerful and beyond control.
And in the middle of everything, a loud and wild laughter grow, which I had to fight to keep back. It felt like I would never stop laughing if I began.
When Giten sounded the bell that the Satsang was over, I had to concentrate to come back in one piece, remind the body of the frame, remind the head of the room, of the here and now.
After a while, it worked, and the effect was that I felt happy, calm and full of love after Satsang.
Lotta Hallin, Stockholm
Giten ended the Satsang by informing about the 1-day Satsang Intensive on February, 15, and giving the participants a small gift in the form of a button with the Giten quote: “Silence is the door to God.” 

Read more about Satsang, Satsang Intensives, Satsang Weekends and Retreats with Swami Dhyan Giten at international site Meeting Truth:

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